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Gary Galles

Uncivil Cause or Effect?

“If I felt violations of my constitutional rights were being proposed or imposed, those violations of ‘the highest law of the land,’ not the civility with which I object, are the core of the problem.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Zachary Yost

Hayek’s Ghost Haunts the Hills of Afghanistan

“Unless Hayek’s insights on the futility of central planning fueled by constructivist rationalist obsessions with remaking the world are taken to heart, such costly mistakes will continue to happen.” ~ Zachary Yost


John Tamny

P.J. O’Rourke Taught Me How ‘Unfairly’ Great American Life Is

“In a world of nearly 8 billion people, many of whom have never even flipped on a light, my daughter was born American. So was I. It wasn’t O’Rourke’s most memorable or even funny quip, but the view here is that it was easily his most important.” ~ John Tamny


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