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Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Weakened Slightly in February

“Consumer expectations weakened again in February, pulling down overall consumer confidence. Continued expansion remains the likely course, but weaker consumer attitudes could become a headwind.” ~ Robert Hughes


Mary Dawood Catlin

February 14, 2022: A Dark Day for Civil Rights in Canada

“The Canadian truckers are reminding the world that liberty is as essential to the True North, Glorious and Free, as the silent winters from which Canada emerges stronger, better, and more beautiful every Spring.” ~ Mary Dawood Catlin


Jordan Schachtel

Harvard Embraces Police State Hypocrisy

“The supposedly dedicated committed climate change activist will take a 9,100-mile flight from Wellington to Boston. Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, Kiwis continue to come out in droves to protest the Ardern-led self-siege policy.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Todd Myers

Deescalate Conflict in Ukraine

“Only the stupidest of blunders could bring the Americans fully on to team Ukraine, and Ukrainians suffering from the aftermath of Euromaidan understand the fruits of political positioning without the capabilities to back it up.” ~ Todd Myers


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