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February 17, 2020
Jeffrey Tucker

What Brilliant TikTok Reveals about Human Creativity

I used to make it a habit to try out all the latest social technology, if only to observe its function, rules, and contribution to the culture. That habit stopped last year during the “techlash:” I too found myself convinced that we’ve probably overindulged in preening, sharing, bragging, performing.  Two in five people in the […]


Donald J. Boudreaux

Your Pessimism Is Ridiculously Inaccurate

The incessant drumbeat of negativity about the U.S. economy and about globalization – and the blinkered focus on problems (real and only apparent) divorced from the larger context of the economy’s successes and of Americans’ stupendous prosperity – gives us a dangerously inaccurate sense of the state of the economy and of ordinary men’s and women’s relationship to it.


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