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Max Gulker

The Gold Standard vs. Fiat Money

As part of its “Econ Duel” series, Marginal Revolution University (an economics education platform run by professors from George Mason University) recently posted a short debate on “Fiat Money vs. the Gold Standard.” The 10-minute exchange between professors Scott Sumner and Larry White, both of George Mason, focuses on practical details of how monetary systems […]


Theodore Cangero

The Federal Debt is Near an All-time High

Throughout its history, AIER has pointed out the dangers of excessive amounts of both private and public debt.



Donald Trump’s Fed

This piece originally appeared in The New York Sun It’s hard to think of an opportunity quite like that shaping up for President Trump in respect of the Federal Reserve. The announcement Friday by Daniel Tarullo of his intent to resign from the central bank’s board means that Mr. Trump will have three immediate openings […]


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