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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Fell Sharply in Early February

“Consumer sentiment fell again in early February and is now below the lows seen in four of the last six recessions. Consumers are concerned about rising prices, government policies, and long-term economic prospects.” ~ Robert Hughes


Kat Dwyer

Scapegoating Inflation Will Only Make It Worse

“For the sake of the economy and your grocery bills, let’s hope the administration’s threats of antitrust and price controls are not serious. If the administration really wants to tackle inflation, it needs the Fed to rein in its reckless monetary policy. ~ Kat Dwyer


Samuel Gregg

Wilhem Röpke’s Civilization of Liberty

“Yes, markets and constitutionalism are vital for a free society. But if you ignore, trivialize, or even try to expunge the civilizational roots of liberty, dystopia and tyranny will surely follow.” ~ Samuel Gregg


Gary Galles

Gut and Amend Goes to Washington

“This is the opposite of what would define ‘public servants’ in any other role than in a farce. It seems like the Democratic leadership at both levels has given up on even pretending otherwise.” ~ Gary M. Galles


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