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Robert Hughes

Jobs Report Boosts Labor Market Concerns

“Payrolls posted a weak gain in January, raising significant doubts about the strength of the economic recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Joakim Book

That Mystical Monetary Theory

“The MMT mistake lies in believing that any alleged shortfall in money or supply of U.S. Treasuries is big enough to finance their entire policy wish list for the foreseeable future. It also assumes that any potential labor or capital goods not currently used can be effortlessly moved to whatever production line politicians desire, without causing prices or wages to increase.” ~ Joakim Book


Roger Koppl

Robinhood and Redditors: Who’s Robbin’ Who?

“We don’t need more regulation; we need better regulation. We need the rule of law not only in monetary institutions but in financial markets too. We need to replace the ‘regulatory leviathan’ in financial markets with ‘a regulatory constitution.'” ~ Roger Koppl


Robert E. Wright

Changing DC’s Status Remains Unconstitutional

“By reducing the buffer zone around the core parts of the federal government, DC statehood could very well jeopardize the security of the nation’s capital. One would think that the recent attempt to overrun the White House and the temporary loss of government control of the Capitol would, if anything, have policymakers thinking about reexpanding the government’s buffer zone to the maximum size allowed in the Constitution, not to shrink it.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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