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Robert Hughes

Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Fell, But Remain Very High

“Initial claims for unemployment benefits fell for a third straight week but government restrictions on consumers and businesses continue to threaten the recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Jeffrey Tucker

People Only Pretend to Practice Social Distancing

“Never before in the history of humanity have governments imposed universal rules for how close we can get to each other in the normal course of life. Does this not trigger some sense that we are being trolled? It should.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


John Tamny

Imagine If the Virus Had Never Been Detected

“The virus didn’t suddenly start spreading in March of 2020 just because politicians decided it had. 2019 is the likelier beginning. Early 2020 too. Life was pretty normal as a virus made its way around the world then. Politicians made it abnormal. Let’s never forget the sickening carnage they can create when they find reasons to ‘do something.'” ~ John Tamny


Ethan Yang

Economic Illiteracy Is No Virtue

“Leading a misguided crusade ‘to reign in the market’ or to smash capitalism for the working class is not only a recipe for failure according to history, it completely fails to understand what economics is all about. Just because you don’t care about economics does not mean that the world suddenly bends to your wishes. As the late economist, Walter Williams used to say: ‘Politicians exploit economic illiteracy.'” ~ Ethan Yang


Scott Scheall

There Are No Experts On That for Which We Really Need Experts

“The pandemic has revealed a shortcoming in our ever more technocratic approach to addressing social problems: there are more and different kinds of problems than there are kinds of experts. The division of scientific expertise according to discipline, field, and sub-field does not encompass, much less map onto, all of the problems for which we might want experts.” ~ Scott Scheall & Parker Crutchfield


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