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Peter C. Earle

The Iowa Caucus Disaster Is Planned Chaos

Does anyone actually believe that “planning,” “organizing,” or “running” an economy would be any less complex in ways both seen and unseen than counting and reporting a few hundred or thousand votes would be?


Robert Hughes

Hints of Improvement for Manufacturing

The ISM PMI showed clear improvement in January hinting at a possible turnaround for manufacturing in coming months.


Shakira Super Bowl
Jeffrey Tucker

Shakira’s Musical Disquisition on Uncertainty, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Shakira’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime was of course, as one would expect, incredibly wonderful. She has a history of providing more than entertainment, however. Her song “Try Everything” from the thrilling animated film Zootopia offers a deep philosophical reflection on uncertainty, creativity, and entrepreneurship.  The movie is an inspirational story of a rabbit […]


Edward Stringham

How Does One Campaign Against a Strong Economy (Video)

Here I and New York Post editorial board member Kelly Jane Torrance joined a panel hosted by Neal Cavuto to discuss the economic gains made by America’s poorest and how the Democrats will run against the successful economy under President Trump.


Richard M. Ebeling

The Mixed Economy Is a Mess

Election years tend to polarize people’s views about political parties, proposed social and economic policies, and the candidates running for high governmental office. This presidential election cycle is not only no different, it is far more so.  This shows itself especially in how many younger Americans view the political, economic and social system under which […]


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