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Amelia Janaskie

How Much Does Cleaning Everything Really Help?

“These issues all boil down to opportunity cost. The time and resources directed towards extra cleaning could be used for an alternative activity that would reap higher benefits for the business, especially in the midst of economic turmoil.” ~ Amelia Janaskie


Robert Hughes

Light-Vehicle Sales Increased in January

“Light-vehicle sales rose again in January but remain at the lower end of the historical range.” – Robert Hughes


Micha Gartz

Seven Times “Superspreader” Events Were Overblown

“In an international comparison between countries that implemented lockdown policies and those that did not, Stanford University researchers found ‘no evidence of large anti-contagion effects from mandatory stay-at-home and business closure policies.’ Perhaps if the media reported on these findings, there wouldn’t be a superspreader LAPD task force forcibly dispersing ‘nonessential’ gatherings.” ~ Micha Gartz & Jack Nicastro


Michael Fumento

We Should Worry about a Permanent Covidocracy

“We either set firm goalposts now – when do the masks come off; when does the distancing end; when do kids return to school and restaurants operate at enough capacity to stay in business – or we risk many years of control.” ~ Michael Fumento


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