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Veronique de Rugy

Covid Paycheck Protection Program: Promises Not Kept

“The fact that PPP was poorly thought through, recklessly implemented and administered, and ended up benefiting those who are least likely to need it is, for politicians and bureaucrats, a feature, not a bug.” ~ Veronique de Rugy


William J. Luther

Inflation is High, Will Remain Elevated for Years

“At this stage, two things seem pretty clear: Inflation is high and will likely remain above target for a few years. My own view is that the FOMC is painting a rather rosy picture, and that market expectations provide a better guide for estimating inflation.” ~ William J. Luther


Donald J. Boudreaux

Complexity in the Service of Simplicity

“Competition both contributes to, and relies upon, the modern economy’s enormous and largely unseen complexity. The modern economy can well be described as ever-increasing complexity in the service of ever-more simplicity.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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