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Phillip W. Magness

The Academic Truce Has Crumbled

In the late 1960s academia, and particularly the humanities, began to embrace a variety of political causes and incorporate them more overtly into their scholarship. This shift coincided with curricular and intellectual developments that re-envisioned the educator as an activist and tasked him with the pursuit of normative scholarship, typically in service of progressive causes […]


Vincent Geloso

The Overuse of the “Roaring Twenties”

The problem is that this image is a fiction. In no way does the evidence from the field of economic history support it. Maybe it is politically useful to use it, but it is not historically nor economically accurate.


Daniel Mitchell

The Adverse Impact of Government Bureaucracy on Private Employment

When I did this video about public-sector compensation almost 10 years ago, I focused on why it is unfair that bureaucrats get much higher levels of compensation than people working in the private sector. Today, let’s consider the economic consequences of excessive bureaucracy. And what will make this column particularly interesting is that I’ll be citing some research from economists at the International […]


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