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Fiona Harrigan

Enterprise Perseveres Through the Crisis

“Though many of them are doing so in the shadows, there are entrepreneurs everywhere who are setting to work to solve the most pressing problems of our present and our future. The businesses those innovators introduce to the world will be all the more significant for the hurdles they surpassed.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Fiona Harrigan


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Surge to 965,000

“Initial claims for unemployment benefits jumped in the latest week and remain high as renewed government restrictions continue to threaten the recovery.” – Robert Hughes


Jeffrey Tucker

A Pandemic Reading List for Left, Right, and Libertarians

“Pandemic responses will continue to serve as a convenient rationale for government interventions in the future. Anyone who has a concern for human liberty and prosperity should armed with intellectual ammunition to combat this huge increase in government power. We need more than ideological instincts here; to fully understand, we need to be aware of the sciences of infectious disease and the discipline of public health.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker


John Tamny

Andrew Ross Sorkin Strives to Improve Markets by Blinding Them

“If politicians were constrained, they wouldn’t have privileged information in the first place. Will Sorkin write about that? It wouldn’t be a serious bet to place. Which is why there’s little reason to take his overwrought hand-wringing about ‘insider trading’ seriously.” ~ John Tamny


Ethan Yang

Study Indicates Lockdowns Have Increased Deaths of Despair

“Regardless of whether they think lockdowns work, policymakers must be cognizant of the fact shutting down society also leads to excess deaths. Whether it’s from the government policies themselves or the willful compliance of society enforcing the soft despotism of popular hysteria, social isolation is taking its toll on the lives of many.” ~ Ethan Yang


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