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Phillip W. Magness

The Academic Voldemort Principle

It’s fundamentally a case of academic misconduct — of denying another due credit for their work, or preventing that work from even entering the conversation as you simultaneously attempt to rationalize confining your opponents to the territory of “he who shall not be named.”


Max Gulker

What If There Was No Legal Smoking Age?

Whether government-mandated or left in the hands of individuals, tobacco use will lead some to tragic consequences. Kids will get cigarettes either way, and adults will try and fail to stop.


Richard M. Ebeling

Joseph A. Schumpeter, Outsider Looking In

All of Joseph Schumpeter’s writings are “a splendid excursion down the river of time, with good talk and magnificent vistas” – and as such he remains, in many ways, one of those timeless and uniquely thought-provoking contributors to economics.


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