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Robert E. Wright

Who Is the Real Alexander Hamilton?

What Hamilton did not do as treasury secretary is implement, or espouse, any system of protective tariffs or bounties.


Peter C. Earle

Eulogy for Neil Peart, Champion of Freedom

Having only retired about four years ago, so many fans of Rush (myself included) had convinced ourselves that this was a temporary hiatus, and that in a year or two – eventually, at any rate – there would be an announcement of a new album, a short tour, or some other project.


Edward Stringham

Introducing The Harwood Reader

To form The Harwood Reader, we took Harwood’s own list of readings and put together what amounts to a Harwood-style education in economic theory, history, and policy. The result is spectacular in my view. Many of these readings are difficult to find, and they’ve never been put together in this way before.


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