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Michael Esfeld

The Abuse of Science in the Corona Crisis

“The role of science must not be the one of state religion in pre-Enlightenment times: in the present case as in all the other previous cases, there is no knowledge that can be employed to justify a central state planning of society that overrides the freedom of individuals and their constitutional rights.” ~ Michael Esfeld


Joakim Book

More or Less Democratic

“Jones’ discussions are interesting and many of his proposals should definitely be introduced, but they don’t go far enough. Instead, we could do with much less democracy and much more individual liberty.” ~ Joakim Book


Robert E. Wright

Cooperation, Not Retaliation, Can Restore Social Order

“We have agency and reason and can see that the current cascade of retaliation and retribution is ‘unsustainable.’ A great statesman focusing on first principles could, perhaps, cut the chain of retaliation and restore widespread cooperation. I don’t know if such an American exists, but I know it isn’t Donald Trump or Joe Biden.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jeffrey Tucker

Many Pathways to Policy Failure

“Something has gone seriously wrong in the 21st century to the point that it seems like whole societies have forgotten everything we’ve learned about economics in the 20th century. It’s remarkable: we became wealthier than any society in world history and yet too many have no idea why. And for that reason, in 2020, many countries decided to scrap economics altogether.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Art Carden

“The Market” Can Deliver Pho and Spring Rolls. It Can Deliver Vaccines.

“I doubt we would be in this mess if we had left vaccine production and distribution to Walmart, Amazon, Grubhub, and Chick-fil-A. In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s too important not to.” ~ Art Carden


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