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Jeffrey Tucker

Despite Everything, Markets are Still Working in Healthcare

At the end of three frustrating days trying to find a doctor who would see me for a minor malady, a friend shot me a link to this: LiveHealthOnline. He said he gets all his prescriptions this way. Call anytime. It’s 24/7. He once called at 4am. No insurance necessary. The visit is $50 and […]


Durable goods orders
Robert Hughes

ISM Nonmanufacturing Index Rises in December But Details Are Mixed

The ISM’s nonmanufacturing NMI rose in December, but details are mixed suggesting slow growth and a cautious outlook.


Joakim Book

Was Bitcoin the Best-Performing Asset of the Decade?

Bitcoin’s returns over the last decade have dominated every other asset we can compare it with, but that still doesn’t tell us what we need to know about the future viability of this extraordinary development in human monetary affairs.


Anthony Gill

How to Teach the Benefits of Trade

In an environment that constantly presents us with pessimistic reasons why things cannot be done, turning a paperclip into $225 of pizza in less than two days proves that opportunities to make everyone better off exist all around us if we just take the time to observe and act.


Vincent Geloso

Five Great and Recent Books on Economic History

The field of economic history is a hard one to dabble in. It requires the assembly of rich and complex data from the past. Unlike modern statistical series, there are no “user guides” for economists and historians who deal with past data. One must simply absorb large quantities of detail to make things as simple […]


Donald J. Boudreaux

A Swollen River of Indebtedness

The first book that Nobel-laureate economist James Buchanan wrote is titled Public Principles of Public Debt. Published in 1958, at the zenith of Keynesianism’s ascendancy among economists, this book exposed the elementary Keynesian fallacy that fueled the notion that internally held government debt is no burden for domestic citizens. Unfortunately, Buchanan’s point is easy to […]


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