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George Leef

Yes, Senator, “Enough is Enough” – But Not How You Think

“Senator Warren would probably be surprised (perhaps even horrified) to find that one of the great exponents of Public Choice Theory agrees with her that federal student aid programs are regressive.” ~ George Leef


Robert Hughes

Unit Auto Sales Fell in December but Assemblies Rose in November

“Light-vehicle sales fell again in December, but assemblies rose in November. Record low inventories continue but in a possibly positive sign, prices ticked down.” ~ Robert Hughes


Marc Ang

Pollster Scott Rasmussen Says Democrats Are Getting Demographics All Wrong

“One of America’s leading national pollsters, Scott Rasmussen, says most Americans have higher priorities than politics. And he says partisan thinking about race, particularly among Democrats, hasn’t kept up with demographic realities.” ~ Marc Ang


Richard M. Ebeling

The Pilgrims Tried Socialism and It Failed

“At a time when too many in the United States are insisting on a massive turn toward more government, we need to harken back to the harsh and sometimes horrible lessons learned from past attempts to impose socialist systems on society.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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