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John Tamny

China Was More Dangerous When It Was Poor

“In an economic sense, similarities between the U.S. and China are greater than some want to believe. Thank goodness they are. Unlike when China was poor, nowadays its people have a rooting interest in our success. And our people benefit from their success.” ~ John Tamny


Donald J. Boudreaux

On Living In Harmony With Nature

“No widespread event in my lifetime comes close to the Covid lockdowns as an instance in which we human beings have so ignorantly and arrogantly chosen to live not merely inharmoniously with nature but in direct and hostile opposition to it. The final price we pay for this folly will be astronomical.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Nicolas Cachanosky

Sovereign Debt After Covid-19: The Wrong View

“Like many others, I am concerned about the sovereign debt market in the wake of Covid-19. But providing more funds to governments committed to maintaining an unsustainable course is not a solution. These countries need serious institutional reforms.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


Donald Siegel

Pandemic Response Is Our Vietnam

“People are starting to question the failed strategy of lockdowns, much as they questioned the wisdom of LBJ’s Vietnam strategy. While nonviolent protest is certainly warranted, especially when it comes to the pressing need for our children to return to school, we need an end to the ‘state of emergency’ that enables governors and mayors to lock us down in the first place.” ~ Donald Siegel & Robert Sauer


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