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AIER’s Bastiat Society program provides a platform for scholars and policy experts to share their insights and experiences with the general business community. Our events address sound economic principles, personal freedom, and opportunities created through markets.

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Taylor Davidson is president and co-founder of the Neil Benton agency, a risk management and insurance expert, and a specialist in the needs of arts and entertainment businesses. Classical liberal ideas and institutions underpinning healthy and prosperous societies are fundamentally harder to explain and understand than the “MORE STUFF NOW!” policies and demands of reactionary populism. This higher bar makes education paramount, a persistent critical calling in our local communities. It’s not often as immediately satisfying as the tactical sport of electoral politics or the cathartic release of screaming into the wind of national political news cycles, but supporting learning opportunities about the nature and necessity of free markets, free expression, and free association is Taylor’s top priority and he is privileged to be able to continue this pursuit through partnerships with great organizations like AIER and the Bastiat Society.

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Managing Director: Taylor Davidson
Email: [email protected]

Tucson, Arizona