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Jeffrey Tucker and Edward Stringham

The Evening of September 14th, 2018


The Corinthian Grand Ballroom

San Jose, California

Join us to celebrate the birthday of Ludwig von Mises and the free, peaceful, and prosperous society to which he dedicated his life.

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Our Very Special Guests, in an unbridled conversation about Mises:

Edward Peter Stringham is President of the American Institute for Economic Research and a professor at Trinity College. He is editor of two books and author of more than seventy journal articles, book chapters, and policy studies.

His work has been discussed on more than 100 broadcast stations, including CBS, CNBC, CNN, Headline News, NPR, and MTV. A frequent guest on Fox and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, in 2016 Rise Global ranked Stringham as the 77th most influential economist.

His book, Private Governance: Creating Order in Economic and Social Life, is published by Oxford University Press.

Jeffrey Tucker is editorial director of the American Institute for Economic Research.

He is also CEO of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy, a managing partner of Vellum Capital, CLO of, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, economics adviser to, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, and author of eight books.

In addition to 8 books, he has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press.


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In Honor of:

Ludwig Mises

September 29th, 1881 – October 10, 1973

“He was the greatest economist of his generation.” ~ Henry Hazlitt

“To none of us young men who read the book when it appeared was the world ever the same again.” ~ F. A. Hayek, on Mises’s book Socialism

“Mr. von Mises believed in choice. He believed that choosing among options determines all human decisions and hence the entire sphere of human action… While man could destroy himself and civilization, he could also ascend — in a free society, i.e., a free economy — to undreamed-of cultural, intellectual and technological heights.” ~ The Wall Street Journal

“In front of every socialist Ministry of Planning, there should be a statue of Ludwig von Mises.” ~ Oskar Lange

“As far as my economics and political economy are concerned, Ludwig von Mises is the most important thing that’s ever happened to me.” ~ Ayn Rand

“Mises was right.” ~ Robert Heilbroner, The New Yorker (1990)

“It is difficult to conceive of any person in our time who has given the world so much, yet been rewarded so little in return.” ~ Robert Bidinotto

“Mises and Hayek , together with Michael Polanyi in more recent years, have had the greatest influence on my thinking.”
“I vividly recall the first two life-changing books I came across: F.A Harper’s Why Wages Rise and Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action… Mises showed in unparalleled depth and scope that a free society based on scrupulous respect for private property, the consistent rule of law, and the right to freely exchange coogs and service is the system most conducive to human well-being, progress, civility, and peace.” ~ Charles Koch

“A deep understanding of the Austrian economic school is a tremendous competitive advantage in making long-term economic decisions. (You should read Human Action by Ludwig von Mises.)” ~ John Allison

Evening Agenda:

6:00pm – Exclusive VIP Reception with Jeffrey Tucker and Edward Stringham
6:30pm – Main Reception with appetizers, wine and assorted beverages and buffet dinner
7:45pm – Introductions, birthday cake and toast
8:00pm – A Unbridled Conversation on Mises with Jeffrey Tucker and Edward Stringham,
with audience Q&A to follow
9:30pm – Concluding remarks

Attire: Business

A limited number of scholarships for students and teachers will be available again this year, apply to: patrickepeterson2[at]gmail[dot]com

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Check out this short highlights video from a couple past Mises Celebrations to see what they are like!

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Parking: Street parking is widely available near the Corinthian Grand Ballroom, 196 N. 3rd St. San Jose. However, if you prefer, there is a public parking garage just 1 block south of the venue too: 95 N. 3rd. St:

Hotel Reservations: We have a room block set aside for attendees at the San Jose Marriott. Guests may reserve rooms as the negotiated price of $169++.

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San Jose Marriott | 301 South Market Street | San Jose, CA 95113


Comments from past attendees:

“What a wonderful night at a beautiful venue, learning and sharing with intelligent people. This evening will be on my calendar every year.”  –Teresa Estill

“It was a fabulous evening!  Much enjoyed Jeff’s fresh perspectives on familiar topics. Thanks for organizing!​”​  –John Chisholm

“For those of you who missed last year, come see what all the excitement is all about. You will not be disappointed.”  –Gloria Strong

“Fantastic. Great to meet so many interesting people!”  –Greg Feirman

“The Silicon Valley Mises Celebration is a feast for freedom-minded people–an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a diverse host of quality attendees — from Silicon Valley tech, to business leaders, to Austrian Economics academics, to students, to everyday people who share like minds and enthusiasm for liberty. This will be my fourth consecutive Celebration and Patrick Peterson’s event organization plus thought-provoking guest speakers make it a pleasure that goes by too quickly every time. If only it lasted an entire weekend instead of just one evening!” — Christopher Silber

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