Annual program grants are designed to help our chapter directors expand their programs and reach more people. Domestic chapters may receive grants up to $4500 while international chapters receive up to $3000. Actual grant amounts depend on the specific needs of each qualifying chapter and are awarded on an annual basis.

How to Qualify for Program Funding

To qualify for an annual grant, a chapter must be in “good standing” by remaining active and remain in close communication with program staff.

Specifically, a chapter must be in operation for at least a year, and:

  1. Host at least six (6) educational events in a 12-month period with at least 15 attendees per event.
  2. Maintain close contact with AIER and Program staff. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Notify event staff of all upcoming events via email at least two, or preferably, three weeks in advance.
    • Send short event recaps and event photos to program staff and follow up with more information as requested.
    • Promptly responding to program questions and requests for information.
  3. Remain committed to our mission, remain non-political, and remain grounded in free-market ideas.
  4. Sign any supporting grant documents.


Using Your Funds

Domestic Chapters: AIER will reimburse a single contact (i.e. the chapter director and signer of the MOU) for chapter-related expenses. Itemized receipts or invoices must be submitted for reimbursement.

International Chapters: AIER cannot send funds to individuals in foreign countries, therefore you must either form a local non-profit (NGO) or partner with a local non-profit to receive grants on your behalf. Funds must be “restricted” to your chapter’s programming purposes only.