The War That Never Ends

– April 2, 2022

“Manufacturing Militarism offers a compelling mix of theory and history. Coyne and Hall show us how useful economics can be for understanding the war on terror and the propaganda that sustains it.” ~ Nathan P. Goodman


Whoopi, Maus, and 80 Years of American Jewry

– March 24, 2022

“It is now they, not Jews, who must take to heart the phrase ‘Never Again.’ My Gentile friends should ask themselves: If it comes to it, when the mobs come, will I take in and protect my Jewish friends?” ~ Daniel Asia


From British Tea to Russian Vodka; A Brief History of Boycotts

– March 24, 2022

“From government bans to customers pouring it in gutters by the gallon, Americans are saying ‘nyet’ to Russian vodka, expressing their anger over the Kremlin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.” ~ J. Mark Powell


Why Declare War?

– March 15, 2022

“Due to overzealous delegation and the erosion of an important Constitutional check, people can die, the nation’s reputation can be sullied, and fortunes can be lost, or made, without the real democratic accountability afforded by formally declaring war.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Ludwig von Mises’s Free Market Agenda for a Postwar Ukraine

– March 10, 2022

“Ukrainians will have to not only rebuild their country but decide which ideology will be the foundation for their country’s future. The ideal one would be Ludwig von Mises’s proposed ideology of a ‘perfect free market economy.'” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Punish the Russian Government, Not the Russian People

– March 8, 2022

“Instead of thinking of new ways to punish Russians, Americans and others of goodwill should look for ways to help Ukrainians. Aiding refugees and allowing them into America would be good places to start.” ~ Doug Bandow


How Will Russia Respond to Financial Sanctions?

– March 7, 2022

“The sanctions are intended to increase the cost of war for the Russian government. Russia currently finds itself outside of the global financial system. Over time, however, the burden of financial sanctions will weaken.” ~ James L. Caton


Making US Foreign Policy About Americans

– February 26, 2022

“Policymakers should put the interests of the American people first. How to best protect them? Remember the disasters resulting from Washington’s recent string of endless wars, and ponder the coming fiscal tsunami.” ~ Doug Bandow


Hayek’s Ghost Haunts the Hills of Afghanistan

– February 23, 2022

“Unless Hayek’s insights on the futility of central planning fueled by constructivist rationalist obsessions with remaking the world are taken to heart, such costly mistakes will continue to happen.” ~ Zachary Yost


Deescalate Conflict in Ukraine

– February 22, 2022

“Only the stupidest of blunders could bring the Americans fully on to team Ukraine, and Ukrainians suffering from the aftermath of Euromaidan understand the fruits of political positioning without the capabilities to back it up.” ~ Todd Myers


Biden Administration: Incompetent, Naïve, or Desperate?

– February 12, 2022

“Dealing with the Ukraine crisis might prove impossible for a president who is incompetent, naïve, and desperate. Buckle up, as the fabled (though probably faux) Chinese curse, ‘May you live in interesting times,’ comes true.” ~ Doug Bandow


Lessons from the Tokugawa Shogunate 1603 – 1868

– February 5, 2022

“The impact of the Shogunate was one of stability and unification over the course of the 1600s. The Shogunate established peace and stability after a period of destructive civil war, which in turn allowed commerce and domestic industry to flourish.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan