david hart

The Essence of Bastiat: David Hart’s Farewell Tour of the U.S. (Video)

– January 16, 2020

  As the home of the Bastiat Society, the work of Frederic Bastiat is especially meaningful to AIER. As such, we were overjoyed to welcome David M. Hart, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Bastiat, to speak on the life and times of our favori …


Edward Stringham on Trends and Ideas of Our Time (Video)

– January 15, 2020

AIER’s President Edward Stringham, Laura Fink (Democratic strategist), and Eric Beach (Co-chair of Great America Alliance) join a panel hosted by Connell Mcshane and Neal Cavuto to talk about all the important political and economic events of the day. …


Stringham on Everything: Dow Stocks, Iran & the Middle East, Beer Tax, and Royal Resignation

– January 10, 2020

I’m becoming a regular on this show. I hope you enjoy my commentary on various subjects.


Mary Jane Arneaud Explores Economics, Ethnic Identity and Social Wellbeing

– January 4, 2020

AIER Visiting Research Fellow Mary Jane Arneaud’s work began in Trinidad and Fiji, where she discovered in her psychological research that a strong ethnic identity correlated with lower social wellbeing. Arneaud developed a research proposal: an experi …


Richard Nixon & the Myth of Independent Fed Policy (Video)

– December 6, 2019

Amity R. Shlaes presents “On the Legacy of American economist and former Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Arthur Burns, during the Keynesian Revolution” at the American Institute for Economic Research Annual Meeting of Voting Members 2019. Current Chai …


What If You Tell the Bartender About Crypto and He Doesn’t Say a Word Back to You?

– November 25, 2019

At the BrainBar festival in Budapest, Hungary, this year, it was my pleasure to stay around an extra day for the filming of a video series on crypto. Basically, they just let me talk and talk to this bartender who never said a word back to me! As a res …


Edward Stringham on Trends and Ideas of Our Time (Video)

– November 21, 2019

AIER President Edward Stringham again joins Fox News’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast panel to discuss doubt about the future of Donald Trump’s trade tariffs among many other topics. Stringham asserts that tariffs are taxes on American businesses, disrupt suppl …


Beto’s Fatal Blunder (Video)

– November 19, 2019

In the first of a new series of videos produced by AIER, Justin Little takes us through the rise and fall of Beto, whose campaign flamed out on a long-shot attempt to rally a new base of support based on gun confiscation. Here’s where he went right and …


The Dark History of Swedish Socialism (Video)

– November 12, 2019

Everyone knows that socialism is newly fashionable as an idea and system. With that has come a certain level of whitewashing of the real history. I’m not just speaking of the totalitarian variety with its poverty, inflation, starvation, and mass death. …


China Loves AIER’s Video on Mises and Marx

– November 7, 2019

Overnight, and almost by accident, we discovered that a duplicate copy of AIER’s “The March of History” had posted 4.2 million views in China, with subtitles.


For Practical Reasons, Blockchain Must Be Privately Innovated (Video)

– October 31, 2019

Governments are the world, at least those that are not trying to suppress the latest and greatest innovations, are making the error of subsidizing blockchain projects, under the mistaken impression that this causes them to be wonderful.


Stringham on Everything: Libra, Syria, Markets, and Shaq (Video)

– October 25, 2019

Edward Stringham joins a panel hosted by Neal Cavuto to talk about all the important political and economic events of the day. The show “Coast to Coast” runs on Fox Business.