Topic: Video

A Conversation on Scientific Censorship in Canada

– May 30, 2021

“Dr. Patrick Phillips, an outspoken physician based in Ontario, Canada joins the Authors Corner to discuss the unprecedented damage extended lockdowns from regional authorities have had on academic truth, mental health and the credibility of medical institutionalism.” ~ AIER


A Discussion on Critical Race Theory in a Free Society

– May 27, 2021

“In this episode of AIER Authors corner, Ethan interviews Phillip W. Magness on his time spent in academia and the flourishing of far-left ideology such as critical race theory and intersectionality in scientific circles.” ~ AIER


What the Heck Is Bitcoin All About?

– May 19, 2021

“Peter C. Earle, senior fellow at AIER joins Aleksandra Przegalinska for a conversation on the unknowns of bitcoin, crypto currency and blockchain technologies in the modern era.” ~ AIER


The Moralization of Covid-19

– May 19, 2021

“Ethan Yang interviews Dr. Maja Graso, a senior lecturer at the University of Otago. Dr. Graso was the lead researcher on a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Physiology titled, “Moralization of Covid-19 health response: Asymmetry in tolerance for human costs” outlining how people’s perceptions of Covid-19 could alter their ability to make an objective cost-benefit analysis.” ~ AIER


A Conversation on the Importance of Entrepreneurship

– May 17, 2021

“AIER Authors Corner, Ethan Yang interviews Dr. Eammon Butler, joining us from Cambridge, UK. Dr. Butler co-founded the Adam Smith Institute, which was credited with advising the Thatcher government in its radical market-oriented reforms of British society.” ~ AIER


The Economic Revelations of Buddhism

– May 12, 2021

“Matthew D. Milligan, visiting fellow at AIER and Ph.D specialist in epigraphy and material culture joins Aleksandra Przegalinska for an inside look at the intersection of religious cultures and market entrepreneurialism in the sphere of Buddhism and beyond.” ~ AIER


Universal Basic Income: How Crazy of an Idea Is It Really?

– April 30, 2021

Aleksandra Przegalinska, Vice Rector at Kozminski University and AIER Research Fellow interviews Robert Wright on the meaning, intent and practicality of universal basic income as an economic policy and moral conundrum for free societies.


The Ukraine Famine of 1933 was a Government-Made Disaster

– April 20, 2021

“This work of economic history is not just worth reading because of its well-executed nature. It is worth reading because it is a potent reminder of how governments can fuel some of the worst disasters in human history.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Gov. DeSantis Holds Second Roundtable with Public Health Experts

– April 14, 2021

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday April 12, 2021, hosted a second roundtable discussion with public health experts. The first one was taken down by YouTube. In a rebuke to the censors and in the interest of public knowledge of science, the governor held another with most of the same experts. AIER hosted the last one, and it still survives on our platform, so we are trying again, with full video and transcript.” ~ AIER


The Free World Died of Covid-19

– April 13, 2021

“The demand for the recognition of basic human freedoms will soon become too obvious to ignore. There are many paths for a new Free World to emerge, but for now, the old Free World as a uniting force for Western values is a relic of history.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


The Harms of Lockdowns, The Dangers of Censorship, And A Path Forward

– April 12, 2021

“This video and full transcript of the Concerned Ontario Doctors’ Covid-19 Summit features detailed discussion of public health, Covid-19, and various lockdown policies deployed around the world.” ~ AIER


YouTube Censors Florida Governor DeSantis and His Science Advisors

– April 7, 2021

“The pulling of the roundtable video comes a day after the total humiliation of 60 Minutes in many stories that defended the governor. Its deletion of the most viewed version online denies viewers the opportunity to observe DeSantis’s impressive knowledge on the subject of the coronavirus and the public policy response.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker