Virtual Seminars on the World Crisis (Video)

– April 15, 2020

If there is one lesson we should learn it is that diseases should be managed as medical matters, not opportunities for politicians and regulators to try out their theories and powers on the rest of the population.


Stand Up for Your Rights, says Bio-Statistician Knut M. Wittkowski

– April 6, 2020

“I think people in the United States and maybe other countries as well are more docile than they should be. People should talk with their politicians, question them, ask them to explain, because if people don’t stand up to their rights, their rights will be forgotten.”


Use and Abuse of Statistical Models in COVID19 (Video)

– April 2, 2020

In absence of factual tests, the void has been filled by statistical forecasts, many of which suffer from some of the same fallacies as historical models. Compounding the problem is that these models are being created in real time. These models have contributed to social and political panic.

Daily Economy News

Coronavirus and Economic Crisis (Video)

– March 22, 2020

In a shockingly short period of time, life in the US went from normal and happy to uncertain and essentially terrifying. The economic impact of both the virus and the policy response to the virus is without precedent. This video explores the unfolding …


The Economy Could Indeed Roar Back (Video)

– March 18, 2020

If we come out of this, it will be due to markets. FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto hosted me and tax attorney Rebecca Walser to discuss how crucial it is for the financial markets to remain open and how the government shutdown will affect small businesses.


Stringham on Economic and Financial Stress (video)

– March 14, 2020

I’m pleased to be facing a high demand right now to get on the media and make comments on the continuing market turmoil. Here is a recent appearance on Fox.


Why Don’t Things Work Anymore? (Video)

– March 9, 2020

I enjoyed being on the show Full Measure to discuss government regulations on gas cans and other things like showers, toilets, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and so on. My first writings on this topic are from Bourbon for Breakfast and I’ve been writi …


The Dangers of Mandatory Paid Leave (Video)

– February 19, 2020

At a recent hearing on Paid Family Leave before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., thought herself brave and appropriate to harangue the only free-market witness – one out of seven – there. Paid-leave advoc …

David Hart on Bastiat

Insights into Bastiat’s Libertarianism (Video)

– February 5, 2020

Bastiat sometimes voted with the right and sometimes with the left. He was loved and loathed by both sides.


How Does One Campaign Against a Strong Economy (Video)

– February 4, 2020

Here I and New York Post editorial board member Kelly Jane Torrance joined a panel hosted by Neal Cavuto to discuss the economic gains made by America’s poorest and how the Democrats will run against the successful economy under President Trump. https: …

David Hart on Bastiat

Who Was Claude-Frédéric Bastiat? Video with David Hart (Part 2)

– January 29, 2020

Bastiat’s writings showed the very great depth of his economic thinking and made advances which heralded the Austrian school of economics which emerged later in the century. Bastiat to the end was an indefatigable foe of political privilege, unaccounta …

David Hart on Bastiat

Who Was Bastiat? Interview with David Hart (Video)

– January 23, 2020

David Hart is an historian and a libertarian with interests in the history of the classical liberal tradition (especially the French), war and culture, libertarian class theory, and film. Frédéric Bastiat was a pivotal figure in French classical libera …