“Domestic Inflation Versus International Solvency” – Gary North

– December 2, 2010

“The nation which indulges itself with an inflationary “boom” inev itably faces the economic conse quences: either runaway inflation or a serious recession-depression. If the inflation should cease, unem ployment will increase, and the earlier forecast …


“The Return of Stagflation”

– November 30, 2010

“We are entering an era of high inflation, to judge by the massive growth of the money supply in the United States, Europe and Asia, and the stubbornness of central bankers who insist that high unemployment demands the creation of even more money. The …


“Should the Fed Worry About Unemployment?”

– November 20, 2010

“One of the things most people don’t realize when they watch the Federal Reserve move the levers of U.S. monetary policy is that its leaders actually wear two hats. The Fed’s marching orders from Congress are to “promote effectively the goals of maximu …


“Bernanke Makes Case to Senators”

– November 18, 2010

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke defended the central bank’s plan to buy government bonds during a private gathering with U.S. senators, responding to several days of attacks from Republicans who say the Fed is causing inflation and weakening the …


“Lawmakers seek to change Fed mission”

– November 17, 2010

“Two influential Republican lawmakers called Tuesday for a fundamental remaking of the Federal Reserve’s mission, arguing that the central bank should stop trying to reduce unemployment and instead focus solely on keeping inflation low. The proposal by …


“The Five Things Money Printing Can’t Do…”

– November 3, 2010

“It seems this Chairman of the Federal Reserve is of the belief that diluting the dollar is the cure for everything from a recession to male pattern baldness. But money printing can’t accomplish any of things that are necessary to rescue the economy. I …


Third Point’s Second Quarter Investor Letter

– September 1, 2010

“As every student of American history knows, this country’s core founding principles included non-punitive taxation, Constitutionally-guaranteed protections against persecution of the minority, and an inexorable right of self-determination. Washington …


“How the Market Creates Jobs, and the Government Destroys Them”

– August 18, 2010

“By bringing about the business cycle, Federal Reserve money creation causes unemployment. Inflation not only raises prices, it also misallocates labor. During the boom phase of the trade cycle, businesses hire new workers, many of whom are pulled from …


“Bernanke Says Rising Wages Will Lift Spending”

– August 3, 2010

“Investors and the public have been closely watching signals about the economy and the Fed’s possible policy moves to address problems. While the United States has “a considerable way to go” for a full recovery, “rising demand from households and busin …


“Alan Blinder and Mark Zandi’s Keynesian Black Box”

– July 28, 2010

“In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Princeton economist Alan Blinder wonders why 64 percent of Americans do not believe the $849 billion “fiscal stimulus” bill “saved or created” many jobs. “The main reason,” he explains, “appears to be that the W …


Wolf and Krugman Discuss Austrian Economics

– April 28, 2010

Martin Wolf (Financial Times) and Paul Krugman (New York Times) discuss Austrian economics.


“Unemployment and Inflation Inch Up in Europe”

– March 31, 2010

“The unemployment rate in the euro area inched up to touch double digits in February, while inflation accelerated more than economists had forecast, probably a result of higher food and oil prices, according to data released Wednesday. Eurostat, the Eu …