Topic: Taxation

The Costly Late Arrival of FedNow

– August 29, 2023

“Policy makers should ensure that the US payment landscape is efficient, accessible, and beneficial for all stakeholders involved with as little government involvement as possible.” ~ Nicolas Cachanosky


Crowdfund the Coliseum

– August 19, 2023

“It’s an updated form of participatory democracy, with citizens ‘voting’ with their dollars. The fundamental difference lies in choice, as people aren’t taxed forcibly but choose to back a project or refrain.” ~ Max Borders


State Development Incentives:  The Only Solution is Not to Play

– August 15, 2023

“The incentives of politicians and the goals of citizens can diverge, and nowhere is that divergence more obvious than in the case of targeted, private benefits to specific corporations paid for at public expense.” ~ Michael Munger


Ownership of Churches: Congregation, Neighbors, or the City?

– July 22, 2023

“When externalities exist and interested parties can negotiate and trade, they can discover who puts the highest value on using or possessing a resource.” ~ Christopher Lingle and Janna Lu


A Brief History of Social Justice

– July 13, 2023

“The underlying problem with social justice is the failure to distinguish between negative rights, which protect liberty and property, and positive rights, which provide a license to violate established negative rights.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Canary in a Cigarette Smuggling Coal Mine

– July 9, 2023

“Banning menthol cigarettes would only exacerbate America’s substantial trade in cigarette tax evasion and avoidance, this time with an assist from transnational crime syndicates.” ~ Michael LaFaive and Todd Nesbit


Is There Any Such Thing as Legislation Anymore?

– July 9, 2023

“With congressional opposition to a legislative approach clear, the Administration decided to work through the Department of Education to use the HEROES Act to accomplish administratively what they had been unable to do legislatively.” ~ Ryan Yonk and Laura Arce


This Independence Day

– July 4, 2023

“The entire political logic of constitutional government flows from the idea of negative rights. A government of limited constitutional power is possible only if the purpose of government is limited to protecting the natural rights of each citizen.” ~ Thomas Krannawitter


Imperial Monetary Policy and the Independence Movement

– July 3, 2023

“The road to independence, the Imperial Crisis as some term it, began with resistance to the Stamp Act, which indeed was a type of tax but not, on its face, a particularly onerous one. So the key to understanding the independence movement is to understand why the colonists reacted to the Stamp Act as vigorously as they did.” ~ Robert E. Wright


No, Joe, There is No Such Thing as a “Fair Share” of Taxes

– June 30, 2023

“Tax rates are largely politically motivated and arbitrarily chosen, and stacked with exemptions and penalties to help incentivize behaviors favored by the politicians writing the voluminous tax code. Regardless of the rates, there is no ‘fairness’ to be achieved.” ~ Brian Balfour


Norway’s Wealth Tax Is Backfiring. Are Americans Paying Attention?

– June 23, 2023

“More ‘super rich’ Norwegians left Norway in 2022 than during the previous 13 years combined. The reason wealthy Norwegians are fleeing the country is not a secret.” ~ Jon Miltimore


Votes For and Votes Against

– June 20, 2023

“If we think of votes as ‘votes for’ candidates, then it would make some sense to declare any candidate who wins only a plurality of votes, but not a majority, as the victor.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux