Claude McKay with Max Eastman

Max Forrester Eastman: The Gangster of the Pen

– July 1, 2020

“Max Eastman published detailed explanations that socialism, passed off as a social science, is in fact a disguised religious belief. Eastman revealed evidence of spiritual and animist elements in Marxism that, despite Karl Marx and others’ attempts to remove and erase them, are undeniably present throughout socialist ideology.” ~Lucio Saverio-Eastman


A May Day Remembrance

– May 1, 2020

In the United States, “Labor Day” is celebrated in September in part to separate it from the socialist and communist origins of May 1 as the date for International Workers’ Day.


United States Needs Freedom, Not Fascism

– April 29, 2020

America does not need the command-and-control planning authorized under the Defense Production Act to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it needs greater deregulation to free the entrepreneurial discovery process. In short, the United States needs more economic freedom, not fascism.


Socialists and their Silly Stories

– April 21, 2020

My dear friend Roger Meiners, Professor of Economics at the University of Texas-Arlington, tells of a former colleague of his whose interpretation of reality should teach us all an important lesson. Roger’s colleague, a devout Marxist, once announced t …


Socialism Under the Cover of Pandemic

– April 1, 2020

Writing for the New York Times, Saez and Zucman use the occasion of the coronavirus’s economic disruptions to argue for the immediate adoption of a massive public jobs security program, accompanied by sweeping and punitive forms of taxation upon corporations and the wealthy.


Socialism Must Be Authoritarian

– March 11, 2020

Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, asserts that he opposes authoritarianism. He says Fidel Castro’s literacy programs were good, but his authoritarianism was unfortunate. In Bernie’s mind socialism doesn’t have to be authoritarian. This is a pernicious idea


How to Combat Socialism

– March 3, 2020

Many of us naively thought free markets had won over socialism when the Soviet Union fell apart. But we must face up to the resurgence of socialism as an ideal.


Are We Seriously Debating Capitalism vs. Socialism Again?

– February 22, 2020

Socialism is a movement not of the working classes but of the elites, born of arrogance, snobbery, and preposterous pretense, kept alive not from lived experience but the astonishing capacity of an ideologically soaked brain to live in denial of reality.


The Iowa Caucus Disaster Is Planned Chaos

– February 4, 2020

Does anyone actually believe that “planning,” “organizing,” or “running” an economy would be any less complex in ways both seen and unseen than counting and reporting a few hundred or thousand votes would be?


The Soviet Economy Was Not Growing; It Was Dying

– January 10, 2020

Warren Nutter’s assessment was no abstraction, but rather the result of years of close study of the relationship between state policy and industrial concentration in the United States – the subject of his dissertation at the University of Chicago.

The struggle sessions of command economies

The Unbearable Drabness of Command Economies

– November 18, 2019

In command economies, you get what you get and you hope that it fits.


The State Is Not Your Proxy

– November 16, 2019

Leave aside every other problem of socialism (such as how it can rationally manage an economic process or achieve perfect material equality), and you are still left with the massive problem of power.