Topic: Science

Oxford’s Stringency Index is Falling Apart

– December 24, 2020

“In the spring, when the ranking roughly seemed to reflect what was happening in various countries, nobody objected to it ‒ or even looked under its hood. Now, after its strange rewriting of history and poor use of the Nordic countries show very misleading stories, nobody should trust it without looking at the details.” ~ Joakim Book


WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website

– December 23, 2020

“When the existing textbooks that students use in college contradict the latest official pronouncements from the authorities during a crisis in which the ruling class is clearly attempting to seize permanent power, we’ve got a problem.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Singapore’s Accidental Covid Experiment: Reaching Herd Immunity Safely

– December 23, 2020

“Although it was unfortunate that the migrant workers of Singapore had to endure such appalling conditions amid a global pandemic, the data from the incident is as precise as it gets and shouldn’t be ignored. Close to half of the over 320,000 workers locked away in crowded and unsanitary facilities were exposed to Covid-19 but endured only 2 fatalities. With an infection fatality rate near zero, perhaps the greatest danger wasn’t Covid-19 but the lockdown they had to endure.” ~ Ethan Yang


Yes, Follow the Science – in Every Field

– December 20, 2020

“If science had been followed in 2020 – in all fields – we’d be much healthier and wealthier than we now are. But control freaks have used Covid-19 to justify still more government controls, still more statism. In every field they’ve cited chaos as an (alleged) reason to ‘reimagine’ (i.e., sabotage) capitalism – a system they hated already, pre-virus – to promote despotism, a system they preferred already.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence

– December 19, 2020

“The use of universal lockdowns in the event of the appearance of a new pathogen has no precedent. It has been a science experiment in real time, with most of the human population used as lab rats. The costs are legion. The question is whether lockdowns worked to control the virus in a way that is scientifically verifiable. Based on the following studies, the answer is no.” ~ AIER Staff


Is Covid a High Risk to Younger Adults?

– December 18, 2020

“Using actual data – and even assuming that all excess deaths in the 25-44 cohort are caused by Covid, and even if we annualize the authors’ excess-death figure to get excess deaths in this cohort of 28,800 – the chance that Covid will kill any randomly chosen member of this cohort is a minuscule 0.0329 percent.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The FDA’s Deadly Caution

– December 16, 2020

“Any discussion of the lives saved by the FDA must include estimates of the lives lost due to that very same agency. Two thousand Americans are dying each and every day while there’s a savior in a syringe sitting in a warehouse ready to protect us.” ~ David R. Henderson & Charles L. Hooper


Closing Restaurants Is Unscientific and Dangerous

– December 14, 2020

“Restaurant closures represent an attack on some of the most sacred cultural institutions in society that will not only further degrade our social fabric, but also generate tremendous economic damage to already devastated communities. In light of the mounting evidence (scientific, economic, and social), restaurant closures will only guarantee to further exacerbate existing calamity while providing little in return.” ~ Ethan Yang


Covid, Lockdowns, & Long-Term Care: State Comparisons

– December 11, 2020

“While nursing homes await the arrival of the vaccine within the next few weeks, the data still speaks to the importance of protecting the elderly in the meantime. The focused protection of nursing homes and promotion of low-risk individuals’ carrying out life as normal both lower the unintended consequences of the pandemic while still keeping people safe. A balanced and holistic approach, grounded in data and facts, not fear. This is how we can live rewarding, healthy lives.” ~ Amelia Janaskie & Micha Gartz


Why Did the U.S. Copy China on Virus Control?

– December 8, 2020

“Our governments are ignoring public health ethics. They have hijacked science, imposed life-altering edicts based on bad theories, manipulated everyone with media and technology, and now tell us we can never return to normal. What is the endgame? It can’t be good.” ~ Stacey Rudin


Herbert Spencer’s Critique of the Board of Health in 1851

– December 7, 2020

“Although Snow’s work revealed the answer to the Cholera problem in 1854, the biggest obstacle to operationalizing this knowledge into fighting the disease was the public health bureaucracy itself and the entrenched political interests it had come to represent. Snow’s experience, in effect, proved the reality of Herbert Spencer’s assessment. Rather than improve public health, the government had only distorted and politicized the necessary scientific processes.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Canada’s COVID-19 Strategy is an Assault on the Working Class

– December 4, 2020

“Lockdowns have generated enormous collateral damage on other health outcomes, such as plummeting childhood vaccination rates, worst cardiovascular disease outcomes, less cancer screening, and deteriorating mental health, just to name a few. Even if all lockdowns are lifted tomorrow, this is something that we will have to live with – and die with – for many years to come.” ~ Dr. Sunetra Gupta & Dr. Martin Kulldorf