Topic: Regulation

A Short Guide to ESG: Political Problems

– January 5, 2024

“By what right do largely unelected global elite ESG advocates get to impose their priorities and values (to their own benefit) on everyone else in the world?” ~Paul Mueller


Podcast: ESG’s Moral Crusade for a ‘Green New World’

– January 4, 2024

ESG has been perniciously changing the way corporations, governments, NGOs and institutions operate. This discussion on the Liberty Curious podcast highlights the utopian ideals and ideological shifts that have shaped the ESG movement.


As Some Workers Try to Free Themselves from Unionization, Biden Officials Try to Dragoon More In

– January 3, 2024

“This case is destined for the Supreme Court, which might take another look at the constitutionality of compulsory unionism. The Court might even decide that the freedom to decide whether you want someone else acting as your representative is a fundamental right.” ~George Leef


The Sad Irony of “Not In My Backyard” (NIMBY)

– January 2, 2024

“Recasting the NIMBY debate in social terms would convince even the most ardent NIMBY activist to reconsider. America’s blight with homelessness, for example, can be remedied by increasing the housing supply.” ~Michael Peterson


Let People Reimagine Housing to Make It More Affordable

– January 2, 2024

“People might be willing to live without their own kitchens and bathrooms if it means a cheaper place to sleep. Regulation’s underlying philosophy is that I know better than you how you should live and what tradeoffs you should make.” ~Art Carden


A Short ESG Guide: Economic Problems

– December 29, 2023

“The current approach to mitigating climate change guarantees inefficiency and waste. No one knows which technologies and which companies will be most effective.” ~Paul Mueller


The Sputtering EV Market Shows What Happens When Companies Heed Planners Instead of Consumers

– December 27, 2023

“The US EV market is a mess, one many analysts say will get worse before it gets better. And automakers like Ford who bet big on the future of EVs are likely looking at pain, at least in the short term.” ~Jon Miltimore


A Short Guide to ESG: Legislation

– December 21, 2023

“Proponents of ESG would like to see more legal requirements for companies to reach net zero, to hire more diverse boards and employees, and to cater to a variety of stakeholder interest groups rather than the interest of shareholders.” ~Paul Mueller


A Profound Misdiagnosis of American Transit

– December 19, 2023

“We don’t need a resurgence of government spending on research and development to get more innovation in our transit systems. We just need governments to get out of the way!” ~Paul Mueller


Resistance to Revitalization? When Neighborhoods Change but Regulations Don’t

– December 15, 2023

“The amount of red tape and regulation, fees and form-filling that government has wrapped around simple collaboration isn’t just irritating and expensive. On a deep level, it’s inhuman.” ~Laura Williams


A Short Guide to ESG: Finance

– December 13, 2023

“ESG considerations represent a mainstreaming of impact investing while giving ‘fiduciary’ cover to large institutional investors who invest trillions of dollars of other people’s money in ways that advance mostly political priorities.” ~Paul Mueller


Defending Globalization

– December 9, 2023

“Only because people are eager to trade with people in different countries do governments feel the need to suppress this trade…Persons who erect these restraints understand that what they impose is not globalization – that would arise naturally – but economic nationalism.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux