Government Regulation Causes Prescription Drug Names to Keep Getting Weirder

– April 10, 2018

Bizarre prescription drug names emerge from the perfect storm that can only be created when complex government regulation, big corporations, and high-priced consultants come together.


Why a War on Guns Wouldn’t Work

– February 16, 2018

The reason I think significantly tighter gun laws would be a fool’s errand can be summed up in four words: the War on Drugs.


The Real Problem With the DOJ’s Decision to Block the AT&T–Time Warner Merger

– February 15, 2018

If there is one entity this article can definitively criticize, it is the DOJ itself. In both the current AT&T/Time Warner matter and the NBCU/Comcast merger it allowed with numerous conditions in 2011, it relied on economic logic that can be called into question and mathematical models that were intended to formalize broad concepts in an academic setting, not predict the future with enough precision to provide grounds to approve or block multibillion-dollar mergers.


More Guns, Less Crime?

– February 7, 2018

What makes More Guns, Less Crime special is Lott’s uncanny ability to weave economic concepts with gun policy. The power of this text lies in its ability to make any economist or casual observer of economics feel at home.


What If We Keep Declassifying Government?

– February 4, 2018

Trump’s decision to declassify this memo is a great start. Declassify more. Declassify it all. What will we discover? We will find the great myth of the modern age – that government can be neutral, public spirited, and full of non-stop integrity – completely refuted. Government is not really about service to others; it’s about using power to get your way at public expense. It sets up a tragic choice for everyone involved: use the system or get used by it. There are better ways to go about organizing society.


Deregulation Is an Anti-Racist Policy

– January 16, 2018

Markets breed integrated communities. Go to any large city with a heterogeneous population (New York, Miami, Atlanta) and you see it in the everyday business life of the city. Commerce is what breaks down prejudicial barriers and brings people together. Deregulation in every area – from labor to immigration to medical provision to land use to marriage regulation – is the best-possible anti-racism policy. This emancipationist agenda will go much farther to stamp out racism than policing politicians and their silly pronouncements.


Backdoor Censorship through Libel Law

– January 15, 2018

We’ve fought too long and too hard against government encroachments to accept the slightest compromises to the firm principle of the freedom of speech. Trump’s threat is not about protecting truth against lies; it’s about government control over speech so that people who criticize the regime can be forced into silence.


Incredibly, the Federal Government Is Actually Shrinking

– December 31, 2017

The last time I was in D.C. (last month) something struck me as never before. The entire place is premised on the idea that what is awesome about life is entirely physical. Massive buildings. Huge stone and marble columns. Real estate. Monuments. Everything in this not-normal city is about gigantic, imposing, intimidating structures. It’s all about place and power over place. You can drive block after block and observe nothing but unimaginative and scary buildings with uniform windows. Honestly, it is awful, dreary, and…old fashioned. 


Pre-Fed Panics: Their Causes, Cont’d

– May 31, 2012

Earlier we posted a reply, by Dr. Bob Murphy, to an NYT blog post by Dr. Paul Krugman, wherein Murphy criticized Krugman’s interpretation of certain statistics and used work by Dr. Steven Horwitz to buttress his argument. Here Dr. Joseph Salerno takes issue with Dr. Horwitz’ conclusions, and adds his thoughts to the matter.


Returning to a Gold Standard System: Why and How?

– May 16, 2012

The answer to ‘Why?’ is: because gold-linked stable money is superior to manipulated funny money. The answer to ‘How?’ is a bit more complicated


Labor Unrest in Spain

– April 6, 2012

Well, they do still have to honor siesta… The recent manifestations in Spain against a labor reform are just another symptom of the precarious situation in Europe. Even though Spain is not in the same situation as Greece (yet?), it does have a higher …


Geithner Pens Another Ridiculous Op-Ed

– March 2, 2012

Remember how every bank under my supervision failed? That’s why I need more power.