Topic: Regulation

The Year in Bad Ideas

– December 27, 2019

The Green New Deal. Hipster Antitrust. Breaking Up Big Tech. Protectionism. Billionaire Tears. New Tech, Old Jobs. Bitcoin Maximalism. Don’t Inhale That. Elizabeth Warren. National Conservatism.


Let’s Talk about Ghastly Dishwashers

– December 20, 2019

These regulations have caused an infuriating and devastating degradation of the quality of appliances and the quality of life in our homes.


Do We Treat Children Worse than Dogs?

– December 13, 2019

In a typical AOC fashion, she went on a rant about how the free market treated “women and people who give birth” (whomever those non-women giving birth are) worse than we treat puppies. Why?


Trump is Right: American Toilets, Faucets, and Showers are Terrible

– December 9, 2019

Give me a toilet that flushes, a shower that is satisfying, a washing machine that washes clothes, and you can take your civic piety and flush it.


Ending Internal Passports Was a Victory of Liberalism. It is Slipping Away

– December 4, 2019

We should never take the victories of previous generations of liberals for granted. Free movement is one of those.


Socialism and the Green New Deal are Economically Impossible

– December 4, 2019

The marginal decisions and calculations necessary for rational economy do not go away even under a “moral equivalent to war” to defeat global warming.


Hipster Antitrust Is Overdue for a Backlash

– December 3, 2019

Democrats can reject neo-Brandeisian antitrust along with the other pillars of left-populism, or seek a victory that in many ways will prolong rather than end the Trump era. 


Government Intervention Is Unscientific

– December 2, 2019

Sit in any time beyond the first month of a typical ECON 101 class and here’s what you’ll be taught: free markets work well, but only under conditions that seldom prevail in reality – a regrettable fact that requires the state to intervene to correct e …


London Bureaucrats: Kill Uber to Keep Passengers Safe

– November 26, 2019

Thus is the term safety bandied about in order to cover up the real agenda of driving out the enterprising competition from the private sector so that legacy cabs connected with the government can have a free hand.


One Hundred Exhortations: Why We Hate Airports

– November 21, 2019

At some point, human beings feel a sense of demoralization when they are treated like cattle. That is precisely the feeling one gets at airports today.


Beto’s Fatal Blunder (Video)

– November 19, 2019

In the first of a new series of videos produced by AIER, Justin Little takes us through the rise and fall of Beto, whose campaign flamed out on a long-shot attempt to rally a new base of support based on gun confiscation. Here’s where he went right and …


Actually, We Could Just Flip the Switch

– November 15, 2019

Such a law would ensure that every regulation was scrutinized at least once every twenty years and automatically eliminate all those that no agency thought important enough to subject to review.