Topic: Regulation

The FDA Is Funding and Approving Cigarettes

– July 30, 2022

“Prohibiting vapes while increasing the number of reduced nicotine combustible cigarettes is as counterproductive as it is political. It doesn’t need to be.” ~ Mazen Saleh


Entry Barriers: A Personal Disappreciation

– July 29, 2022

“What I know, though, without any sophisticated econometrics, is that my own encounter with indirect grants of special privilege is not one I wish to repeat any time soon—or ever.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Risk Analysis for Children’s Health

– July 28, 2022

“Given that the benefits to children from lowering exposure to any of the FDA or EPA chemicals may be negligible to non-existent, we would likely be better off addressing more serious concerns for children.” ~ Richard Williams


Re-Imagining Medicine

– July 24, 2022

“We are not selecting for, nurturing, or rewarding imagination in medicine to the degree we should, and patients, physicians, and our society are paying the price for it.” ~ Richard Gunderman


Helping Y’all Understand Protectionism

– July 22, 2022

“Given that protectionism violates the central purpose of any government, which is to benefit all its citizens, it replaces the justice of voluntary arrangements with the injustice imposed by involuntary arrangements.” ~ Gary M. Galles


If Republicans Won’t Be the Party of Business, What Will They Be?

– July 19, 2022

“Republican support of Sen. Klobuchar’s bill is indefensible, and it raises a basic question of what Republicans will be if they’re not going to be the Party of business and achievement.” ~ John Tamny


Rethinking Regulatory Capture

– July 16, 2022

“Stigler concluded that regulatory agencies are captured by the firms they regulate. Still, ultimately, it is the regulated firms that become captured by the legislators and regulators who have the power to terminate their regulatory protections.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


Five Negative Consequences of Price Ceilings

– July 15, 2022

“The public often supports price ceilings – support that would surely disappear if the public understood the basic economics of this harmful government intervention.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Harm Reduction Takes a U-Turn on Vaping

– July 14, 2022

“If the pandemic taught us anything about public perceptions of risk, it is that we must empower individuals to make decisions to improve their own situation rather than making it for them.” ~ Yaël Ossowski


Understanding “Underpaid” Workers

– July 8, 2022

“Money ultimately comes from employees’ pockets, but they blame their employers instead of the government for reducing what they take home as a result. When workers say ‘I was robbed,’ they may be correct–but they finger the wrong suspect.” ~ Gary M. Galles


There Ought To Be a Law, or at Least a Regulation.

– July 7, 2022

“When the busybodies at the FDA picture the impacts of their new regulations, they imagine that these interventions will save lives, reduce health consequences, and protect Americans. They imagine only the results they want, not the way people actually behave.” ~ Laura Williams


The Amtrak Abomination

– July 7, 2022

“While trains are not especially good for the environment, many people assume they are ‘green,’ also allowing for some of the fake virtue signaling many American politicians seem to crave.” ~ Robert E. Wright