Topic: Inflation

Dollarization in Argentina: A Missed Opportunity

– February 13, 2024

“The delayed implementation of dollarization in Argentina presents challenges that could have been avoided had Milei honored his promise to abandon the peso straightaway.” ~Nicolás Cachanosky


A Tale of Two Economies

– February 12, 2024

“There are three possible resolution scenarios to federal government borrowing and spending — none of them good for economic growth in the near term.” ~Paul Mueller

The flag of the American Federal Reserve System waving in the wind with the flag of the United States Washington DC March 2022

Time to Tame the “Apolitical” Fed?

– February 8, 2024

“The Fed’s self-conception as an apolitical technocracy blinds it to the degree to which it has weighed in on fundamental political issues, which instead ought to be deliberated in Congress.” ~Alexander W. Salter


Inflation Already Ruined Your Super Bowl Party

– February 7, 2024

“The persistent inflation of the past three years saw spikes in tickets and hotel rooms, but also in the seemingly more affordable alternative: hosting or attending Super Bowl parties at home.” ~Peter C. Earle


Debt and Unfunded Liabilities

– February 5, 2024

“Unfunded liabilities stress state and local budgets and signal painful future tax increases just as much as bond obligations. Government debt is growing rapidly at all levels.” ~Tom Savidge


Milei Proves That Ideas Matter

– January 31, 2024

“Rather than the thin gruel of economic grievance offered by American right-wing populists, Milei’s policies are built on his vast knowledge of sound and successful, albeit politically unpopular, economic thinking.” ~ G. Patrick Lynch


Time for the Fed to Ease Up

– January 29, 2024

“Even if Fed economists have underestimated the natural rate of interest by half, monetary policy looks slightly tight. It looks very tight if the natural-rate figures are anywhere close to correct.” ~Alexander W. Salter


Inflation On Target in December

– January 26, 2024

“Monetary policy remains very tight. Interest rates are much higher than they were just prior to the pandemic. And the Fed is no longer accommodating expansionary fiscal policy.” ~William J. Luther


The (Other) Cost of Inflation: Inflation Erodes More Than the Value of Money, History Shows

– January 26, 2024

“Hazlitt’s thesis is that bad money will inevitably result in bad behavior. This might be a tough thesis to swallow — particularly for those who live in the age of fiat money.” ~Jon Miltimore


Profits Do Not Cause Inflation: Causal Fallacies as Economic Disinformation

– January 23, 2024

“Fortunately, the idea that thousands of businesses have colluded to raise prices, boosting their profit margins and engineering the inflation that continues to afflict Americans, is easily disproven.” ~Peter C. Earle


Immigration, Inflation, and Wages: Better Under Trump or Biden?

– January 19, 2024

“Ten months from now, there’s a high likelihood Biden and Trump could go head-to-head again for the presidency, especially after the results from the Iowa caucus. But voters should be informed about the effects of their policies on key issues like immigration, inflation, and wages.” ~Vance Ginn


Meet the Economist NPR Interviewed to Explain Why America’s $34 Trillion Debt Is Definitely Not a Problem

– January 17, 2024

“Printing mass amounts of money cannot solve the problem of scarcity. This fundamental economic reality, that we have limited resources and limitless wants, seems lost on Kelton.” ~Jon Miltimore