Topic: Immigration


Government Cannot Select the Right Immigrants

– September 6, 2019

Why believe that the state can pick the right immigrants but not the right industries to subsidize?  


Study Shows That Immigrants Help Indiana Grow

– May 26, 2019

As with other matters, decentralization could be key in making things better — not only because it would benefit immigrants who want to move here to work, but also because Americans would reap the benefits of a prosperous economy.


The U.S. Should Welcome and Celebrate Immigrant Investors

– March 19, 2019

If the U.S. doesn’t want these immigrants, I am sure that other countries like Canada and Australia will. That’s how competition works.


The Labor Shortage Is Acute in Many Industries

– February 20, 2019

The data alone tell the story no one wants to hear. Continued economic growth does not so much allow as require the inclusion – indeed the expansion – of the number of undocumented immigrants on American employment rolls.


GoFundMe for a Government Program?

– December 21, 2018

The GoFundMe campaign for the wall illustrates both the possibilities and the limitations of relying on voluntary revenue collection. Private efforts might be able to collect the money they need, but they will not and should not obtain the powers that government possesses to take away the people’s liberty and property.


The Facts about Immigration and Crime

– September 3, 2018

Right now, there are few legal avenues for low-skilled immigrants to work and live in the United States. And the avenues that do exist are too bureaucratic to be usable. So when people tell you they want undocumented immigrants who currently reside in the U.S. – and who clean our homes, mow our lawns, take care of our children and serve us at restaurants -– to come legally, they demonstrate their utter ignorance. There is often no such option for these immigrants.  


Political Fear Drives the Immigration Panic

– June 21, 2018

Despite all the rhetoric, the debate over immigration isn’t really about human rights, economics, national security, or even culture change. Immigration policy has become an extension of national politics. Whoever wins gets to control the presidency. The people have become the fodder in a war for who gets to exercise power over whom.


Personal Animus Should Have No Bearing on the Legality of the Travel Ban

– April 26, 2018

As much as I do not want to admit it, it would be precisely right for the court to decide that Trump’s campaign statements should have no bearing on the legality or illegality of his executive order. It is not up to the courts to assess the motivations for what we do, much less to evaluate the inner workings of our minds and hearts, not even the president’s. The law should deal only with what can actually be known: what we do. Oddly, a court decision in favor of the executive order puts President Trump in the position of being the only citizen in the Western world whose statements and motivations will not be so evaluated.


Exit Scans Are Here

– February 13, 2018

If you are prevented from leaving your own nation, what kind of nation is it? Prison state comes to mind. So many people I know have come to favor closed borders because they somehow think there is a connection between big government and heterogeneous populations. What they do not seem to understand is that closed borders themselves are big government program, one that will always come back to bite its own advocates.


Top Things I Learned from Fire and Fury

– January 6, 2018

The Trump administration is truly the impossible presidency. Donald was never supposed to win. He didn’t believe he would win. When he did, he did something that absolutely no one could have predicted: he didn’t become anything we have associated with being president, ever. He refused to be anything but Trump. As a result, a century or two of protocols, rituals, pomps, decorum, and presidential seriouso – the entire apparatus of governing as the head of the world’s largest and most powerful state – are being dismantled. And think of it: it has barely begun.


Unskilled Immigrants Do Not Harm Americans

– August 15, 2017

The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act conveys a valuable lesson in where economic illiteracy can lead.


Immigration Restrictions Harm Our Economy

– February 22, 2017

In an article published in AIER’s January 1996 Research Report, Thomas Lehman wrote, “The present immigration policy of the United States amounts to nothing less than a tariff or barrier to entry on the commodity of labor, and harms American consumers …