A Classical Economic Response to the Coronavirus Recession

– March 26, 2020

If ever there has been a downturn that cannot in any way be explained as a fall in demand it is the forced closures that have followed the coronavirus panic. The downturn is entirely structural in nature, even if, as is the usual case, the problem has been driven by government actions and decisions.


Happy 90th Birthday, Professor Israel Kirzner!

– February 18, 2020

Even in an era when modern medicine and technologies are adding to people’s lifetimes, along with the gains in general human economic betterment, it still stands as a notable event when someone marks their 90th birthday. On February 13th, renowned “Aus …


John Stuart Mill on Slavery and the American Civil War

– January 20, 2020

In the heated and sometimes angry exchanges over the history of slavery and the place of liberalism in the great contest between freedom and bondage in the 19th century, we should appreciate how determined, dedicated, and publicly demanding were many of those classical liberal thinkers.

david hart

The Essence of Bastiat: David Hart’s Farewell Tour of the U.S. (Video)

– January 16, 2020

  As the home of the Bastiat Society, the work of Frederic Bastiat is especially meaningful to AIER. As such, we were overjoyed to welcome David M. Hart, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Bastiat, to speak on the life and times of our favori …


Joseph A. Schumpeter, Outsider Looking In

– January 13, 2020

All of Joseph Schumpeter’s writings are “a splendid excursion down the river of time, with good talk and magnificent vistas” – and as such he remains, in many ways, one of those timeless and uniquely thought-provoking contributors to economics.


Wasserman’s Twisted Tale About the Austrian School of Economics

– December 11, 2019

If you approach the topic with a presumption that the Austrians were shilling for capital as understood in a Marxian-style dialectic, you miss the entire point of the school of thought and its contribution.


Max Weber on Politics as a Vocation

– October 28, 2019

Politicians are all about how much they want to “give back” and to do for us. They portray themselves as ethical eunuchs, living just for the betterment of the rest of us.


Introduction to Farsi Edition of Human Action

– October 15, 2019

Now you own it. Learn from it. Return to it again and again. May it always be with us, widely circulated in every land and every language, forever.


Why Is AIER Publishing Karl Marx?

– October 14, 2019

Reading the source helps you find the root errors and not get buffeted about by fake arguments that turn up on the news daily. In general, this task just granted me more confidence in a similar way that reading the right-Hegelians did.


Introduction to The Best of Karl Marx

– October 14, 2019

To the modern economist directly grappling with Marx’s economic theories remains a necessary step for pursuing informed and rigorous engagement with their unavoidable political progeny.


The Marginal Marginalist from Prague

– October 9, 2019

Cheers to Franz Cuhel, long dead, long forgotten, not even translated to English, and now not even mentioned by current historians of the Austrian School.

Gresham's Law

Gresham’s Law Is Not the Reason for the Corruption of Democracy

– October 6, 2019

Gresham’s Law is not the reason why the malicious field of politics attracts particularly awful people.