Edward Stringham on BBC News talking about Trump targeting Social Media

Government Controls Will Worsen the Social Media Problem (Video)

– May 30, 2020

“I appeared on the BBC to discuss the huge problems of social media and why Trump’s executive order can only make matters worse. What we need are fewer controls, not more, and a restoration of the original idea of the Internet as a free marketplace of ideas.” ~ Edward Stringham

Free Speech Is Not Just Partisan Speech with Which You Agree

Free Speech Is Not Just Partisan Speech with Which You Agree

– May 29, 2020

“President Trump — and your supporters — lay off Twitter, and the other tech media platforms. All politicians of every political party should stop attacking the media and declare their support for the First Amendment.” ~ Raymond Niles


Why Didn’t the Constitution Stop This?

– April 30, 2020

Once a federal court (especially SCOTUS, from which there is no appeal) declares a law unconstitutional, as SCOTUS has often done to state laws throughout US history, the political dynamic changes dramatically. States must comply or face that other side of federalism.


The Virtues of Fiscal Discipline

– April 10, 2020

Deficits used to be temporary affairs racked up in exceptional periods as the result of shocks, and paid down with surpluses. Despite years of decent economic growth, public debts in most western countries remain at high levels relative to GDP. Consequently, capacity to respond to crisis – such as natural disasters, wars and the one we are facing now – through borrowing is considerably reduced.


Everyone Has a Human Right to Work

– April 1, 2020

The Trump base wants to work. And likely needs to. The Trump administration should go out of its way to legalize the right to work so that desperate service employees and workers in general at least have the chance to fix their devastated situations.


Proof That Tariffs Flood the Swamp

– November 13, 2019

Recently talking from the Senate floor, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) candidly acknowledged what most AIER readers have known for a long time: politicians are influenced by special interest groups, and, in many cases, this influence prevents them fro …


The Incredibly Uneventful Impeachment

– November 1, 2019

Today is a different world from that which produced Watergate. What was once an ominous moment in 1974 has become the incredibly uneventful impeachment in 2019 – an impeachment completely consistent with the reputational status of state today, which is a shadow of its former self.

Presidential Harassment

Presidential Harassment Is a Public Good

– October 10, 2019

Unrelenting scrutiny of any politician is an indisputable public good.


Government Is the Main Problem, Say a Record Number of Americans

– February 26, 2019

It’s a pretty strange time for conservatives suddenly to decide they like government, and the worst imaginable time for the Left to celebrate the state as never before. Based on the attitudes of the public alone, we ought to be seeing the opposite from both sides.


How To Secede from the Biology Wars

– January 5, 2019

I don’t really care who started this war. It’s a war that no one can win.


Why Moderation Isn’t Always a Good Idea

– November 1, 2018

Society will only thrive as long as people are willing to passionately hold ideas that challenge the mainstream.


Speak Not of Legislation as Law

– September 24, 2018

Particular laws can be undesirable, and legislation often serves useful purposes. Nevertheless, legislation is not law. So the common habit of using “law” and “legislation” as synonyms sows much confusion.