Topic: Free Markets

Social Security Rises Slightly

– October 5, 2012

Special Report October 5, 2012 Beginning January, recipients should see payments go up by at least 1.5 percent. But the increase probably won’t be enough to cover higher everyday prices. by Polina Vlasenko, PhD, Research Fellow


College Destinations Index: 2012-13 edition

– October 1, 2012

Special Report–CDI October 1, 2012 This brochure lists the top 75 College Destinations for 2012-2013. These include the top 15 among the Major Metros and the top 20 locations among Mid-size Metros, Small Cities, and College Towns.


Recession Reorders CDI Rankings

– October 1, 2012

Special Report October 1, 2012 Small towns rule in this year’s Top 10 College Destinations. by AIER Staff 

Industrial production

Is Greater Productivity a Danger?

– June 27, 2012

It is bad enough that opponents of the free market wrongly blame capitalism for environmental pollution, depressions, and wars. Whatever the failings of their causal theories, at least they are focused on undoubtedly bad things. We have really gone beyond the pale, though, when the market is blamed for something good.


A Free-Market Monetary System

– June 25, 2012

When a little over two years ago, at the second Lausanne Conference of this group, I threw out, almost as a sort of bitter joke, that there was no hope of ever again having decent money, unless we took from government the monopoly of issuing money and handed it over to private industry, I took it only half seriously.


A Cure for What Ails Us

– June 12, 2012

It is not enough to encourage enterprise and limit regulation—we need a fixed system of value.


Idle Resources Are the Devil’s Playthings

– January 20, 2012

If the State is so resourceful, why does it need to borrow and tax so much? The debate over the divine “multiplier” rages on.  Proponents argue that the economy is plagued with idle resources just sitting around collecting dust.  “Why, if the Private ( …


“Easy Money: Prelude to Recession” – Freeman

– March 23, 2011

“Why is the American economy plagued by recessions? The simplest way to answer this question is to focus our attention on individuals. Once we know why individual businessmen experience economic setbacks, we will have the key to understanding why the e …


“Can Government Manage the Economy?” – James Payne

– February 1, 2011

“For 98 years the federal government has been attempting to prevent asset bubbles, recessions, and spasms of unemployment. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve System, telling the country that this new institution would be “a safeguard a …


“Transcript: GOP Response From Rep. Paul Ryan” – NPR

– January 26, 2011

“Millions of families have fallen on hard times not because of our ideals of free enterprise — but because our leaders failed to live up to those ideals; because of poor decisions made in Washington and Wall Street that caused a financial crisis, squan …


Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, November 9 & 10, 2010

– October 22, 2010

Join hundreds of freedom’s allies at the world’s largest gathering of free market champions from the United States and around the globe. Atlas’s annual Liberty Forum has become a “must-attend” event for members of the worldwide think tank community. No …


The German Miracle: Another Look

– September 10, 2010

Earlier this summer George Soros and some leading Keynesian economists criticized what they regarded as Germany’s overly strict fiscal discipline. Yet Germany’s real output expanded at a robust 9% annual rate in the second quarter, while the U.S. econo …