Topic: Free Markets


What’s Wrong with Copyright and How to Fix It

– January 28, 2018

To my mind, Creative Commons is an imperfect solution to a major problem, while the best solution would simply leave the whole problem of production, ownership, and attribution to the market itself. But that is not the world we yet live in. Until then, it’s a beautiful thing that the market has found a stop-gap solution to the intractable problems caused by one-size-fits-all standards of legislative imposition.


Civil Asset Forfeiture Undermines Free Enterprise and Human Dignity

– January 27, 2018

Private property rights are the foundation of free enterprise. Without property rights trade will be suppressed and pushed underground. Growth is strangled and good people resort to dealing with corrupt officials and black market sellers just to get through their lives. We are all made worse off when authorities have excessive discretion, and without proof of criminal guilt, no one should have their hard-earned possessions taken away.


What Has Government Done to Our Bathrooms?

– January 10, 2018

The net effect of all of this has been to ruin our bathrooms. You might not realize it because the change has been slow, extending over 25 years. Only by encountering a bathroom with original fixtures from the 1940s can you perceive the full horror of what has happened. Our showers are lame, our toilets don’t work, our pipes are dirty, and everything is less sanitary. Chalk it up as yet another thing that government has ruined.


Why the Dramatic Decline in Crime?

– December 29, 2017

For centuries, for millennia, we’ve relied on government to stop invasions of person and property. We live more safely than ever before, thanks to market-based technological improvements, not reliance on government. It was once believed that only government could provide security; this debate dates back centuries. Now we learn otherwise. We get security from the same source that provides us food, clothing, and shelter: the matrix of voluntary exchange and free exercise of human creativity.


The Many Delusions of Socialism Revisited

– December 28, 2017

Sombart’s leftism became rightism but it was made of the same substance always: a loathing of regular people in their free choices and a longing for history to follow his own imaginings of what should be rather than what is. Such is the core of socialist ideology: a delusion rooted in snobbery and, above all else, intellectual pretense.


We Are the True Liberals

– December 19, 2017

In the 19th century liberalism was used to describe the people who believed in liberty, a creed unifying the belief in free markets with the beliefs in freedom of speech and the press.


We Don’t Need the Department of Commerce

– November 16, 2017

Let business fend for itself, competitively serving consumers rather than lobbying for government privileges.


Smart Contracts Provide an Alternative to Legal Enforcement

– November 14, 2017

This is the second in a series of three articles about blockchain-enabled “smart contracts” and their ability to address retail fraud.


Free Markets Reduce Consumption Inequality

– November 9, 2017

We’ve heard that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” But in the internet age, free stuff abounds. 


Beware the Lure of Social Engineering

– August 2, 2017

Human dignity, autonomy, and social cooperation are best left to the tender hands of politicians and bureaucrats. Not!


What the Market Economy Really Is

– July 27, 2017

What is a market economy? We often talk about it as though it were a thing, perhaps a machine or a vehicle. Business reporters say it heats up or cools down. Sometimes it even gets stuck in a ditch. But it’s not a thing subject to heating or cooling or …


Another Court Blow to Freedom

– July 17, 2017

The free market — indeed, a free society — is founded on individual rights, including the right to one’s justly acquired property. If the government’s rules regarding the use and disposal of property are “flexible,” a free society is doomed.