Who’s to Blame for the Rash of Short Squeezes?

– January 27, 2021

“Cantillon Effects, not overzealous short selling or swarming retail traders, are the ultimate cause of the rash of explosive short squeezes in US equity markets.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Tales of the Crypt

– January 24, 2021

“Best of all, nobody was forced to subsidize others. They gave to charity, joined with like-minded people, or sought profit. The system wasn’t perfect — nothing is — but it was a far cry better than taxing people to support inefficient, uniform government educational and welfare programs.” ~ Robert E. Wright


From the Land of Financial Bubbles

– January 16, 2021

“For the aspiring startup today, perhaps working away in the venture-cap lands of overpriced unicorns, the history of bubble allegations teaches you one thing: be right or be a bubble. Until the dust has settled, nobody can really tell.” ~ Joakim Book


The Physics Behind Freedom

– January 15, 2021

“Bejan’s book shows that freedom is actually scientifically good for society. It truly is a groundbreaking fusion of physics and economics. In his case, he sees things through the lens of energy movement and evolution, the literal workings of the universe. Economists call prosperity the result of free people and free markets. He calls it a force of nature.” ~ Ethan Yang


Enterprise Perseveres Through the Crisis

– January 14, 2021

“Though many of them are doing so in the shadows, there are entrepreneurs everywhere who are setting to work to solve the most pressing problems of our present and our future. The businesses those innovators introduce to the world will be all the more significant for the hurdles they surpassed.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Fiona Harrigan


More or Less Democratic

– January 11, 2021

“Jones’ discussions are interesting and many of his proposals should definitely be introduced, but they don’t go far enough. Instead, we could do with much less democracy and much more individual liberty.” ~ Joakim Book


“The Market” Can Deliver Pho and Spring Rolls. It Can Deliver Vaccines.

– January 11, 2021

“I doubt we would be in this mess if we had left vaccine production and distribution to Walmart, Amazon, Grubhub, and Chick-fil-A. In the middle of a global pandemic, it’s too important not to.” ~ Art Carden


Angst Over High Price-Earnings Levels Likely Misplaced

– January 8, 2021

“Despite the severe disruptions and ‘creative destruction’ that occur from time to time, the returns to capital that fuel innovation and prosperity remain strong. The market is always efficient and fairly priced relative to what is known, but the market can also be above or below its long-term enduring norms for good and rational reasons. In the end the historical norms prevail.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


Finance Memes and the Collective Influence of Young Retail Investors

– January 5, 2021

“Much like all other behaviors associated with young retail investors, on their own, they seem reckless but collectively they help shift results in their favor. Sometimes they are simply the right choice despite expert opinion. These trends not only demonstrate an interesting short-term market force but also the permanent introduction of new demand side forces as a result of the growing financial enfranchisement of younger investors.” ~ Ethan Yang


China Was More Dangerous When It Was Poor

– January 4, 2021

“In an economic sense, similarities between the U.S. and China are greater than some want to believe. Thank goodness they are. Unlike when China was poor, nowadays its people have a rooting interest in our success. And our people benefit from their success.” ~ John Tamny


Here’s Why We Tolerate Fake Check Scams

– January 2, 2021

“Solving the problem of job scam checks isn’t as easy as one might think. Changes to a tightly-wound system like the check system involve tradeoffs. You don’t get something for nothing.” ~ J.P. Koning


Ten Remarkable Financial Events of 2020

– January 1, 2021

“A year like 2020 educates another generation of traders and corporate managers, contributes to more robust market and exchange designs, and draws in innovators and risk-takers seeking to capitalize on the next crisis opportunity. Whatever 2021 has in store, it is unlikely to replicate financial market conditions witnessed throughout 2020.” ~ Peter C. Earle