Dr. Friedman Goes to South Africa

– December 3, 2020

“Milton Friedman in South Africa is a fascinating product of one of Friedman’s ventures during a controversial time. It is worth reading for anyone interested in understanding Friedman specifically or what Andrei Shleifer called ‘The Age of Milton Friedman’ more generally.” ~ Art Carden


Don’t Confuse Free Markets with the Interventionist State

– December 2, 2020

“The important task for those who value personal freedom, economic liberty and the free market economy is to disabuse our fellow citizens from thinking that what we have is a fully capitalist system, and to appreciate that what critics of capitalism call for and want in the form of even more and bigger government would only magnify the corrosive trends already in play in the modern world.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


The Value is In the Ideas

– November 29, 2020

“Which desk and lamp recipes ‘win?’ It’s not the ones that require the most labor or the most savings. In the long run, it might not even be the ones that capture the imaginations of design aficionados. The winning recipes are the ones that get enough ‘votes’ in the form of the dollars people spend.” ~ Art Carden


Without Permissionless Innovation, Would we Really Love Rock & Roll?

– November 24, 2020

“Even if you think the ‘Queen of Noise’ produces nothing but noise, her success in a world of permissionless innovation is a good reason to love rock & roll.” ~ Art Carden


Medical Supplies Are Too Important to Leave to a National Supply Commander

– November 23, 2020

“Managing medical supply production and distribution is a most unnecessary attention for a central planner. As Smith points out, it is nowhere so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.” ~ Art Carden


Covid Governments and Social Harmony

– November 22, 2020

“In a free society, trading, perusing wares, socializing and enjoying the company of others are mutually beneficial, innocent and harmonious actions. In a government-mandated Covid society, these wants are now antagonistic.”~ Joakim Book


Giving Thanks for Our Mutual Dependence

– November 21, 2020

“We need not surrender to authoritarian politicians our own moral agency to care for others. While some try to tear the ties that bind us, we can express gratitude for the great chain of human connection holding us together. We can celebrate the relationships that set us free and make the modern world possible.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Important Factors Driving Bitcoin’s Drastic Growth in 2020

– November 20, 2020

“The swift growth of Bitcoin signals a number of important financial milestones as well as warning signs. Signals that not only lend some support to the cryptocurrency’s value but also provide important insight into our current state of financial affairs.” ~ Ethan Yang


If Trump Were Serious About Making America Great Again, He Would Have Done This

– November 20, 2020

“If Trump is serious about making America Great Again, he will, on his way out, do the right thing and make sure Santa Claus never threatens our airspace or our borders ever again.” ~ Art Carden


What Drives Progress: The State or the Market?

– November 11, 2020

“The idea of an entrepreneurial state as proposed by Mazzucato is a romantic one. It’s an idea that people can come together and through sheer will can make innovation happen. That some very smart people with fancy degrees and prestigious titles can steer society to an optimal location. The only problem with that is just about everything.” ~ Ethan Yang


Let a Billion Preferences Bloom

– November 9, 2020

“Mass customization and diversity are commercial society’s virtues. Mass regimentation and uniformity are political society’s vices. The stark contrast is clear in the proximity between Halloween and Election Day.” ~ Art Carden


2020-2030 Could Be the Decade of Economic Malaise

– November 3, 2020

“If history shows us anything, this experience may very well spark a renaissance for the ideas of limited government and markets. If only we could learn this the easy way rather than the hard way.” ~ Ethan Yang