Topic: Free Banking

Why Study Free Banking?

– April 15, 2011

Last Tuesday ATLAS’ Sound Money Project held a panel with the title of “Making the Case for Sound Money” at the 2011 APEE Conference. Jorge Borlandelli from The Nassau Institute, myself from Suffolk University, Tom Duncan from GMU/Sound Money Project a …


Where Did the Free Banking Debate Go?

– March 31, 2011

The discussion in monetary institutions is becoming increasingly relevant in economics. How to deal and avoid financial crisis is an important issue. The recent financial crisis showed that economics might not be as suited to foresee and deal with thes …


Larry White on Free Banking and Gold

– March 18, 2011

Larry White gives a lecture on the benefits of Free Banking and the Gold Standard at the Cato Monetary Conference in November, 2010. Watch it here. Larry White on Free Banking and Gold  Sheldon Richman Anything Peaceful, March 8, 2011.  Via the Foundat …


Was there a free banking experience in the United States?

– March 10, 2011

An important aspect of the study of sound money is to correctly identify historical cases of free markets in money and banking versus regulated markets in money and banking. If we cannot correctly separate one from another then our conclusions will ine …


Dollar Based Free Banking: A Possible Road to Sound Money?

– February 10, 2011

In The Theory of Free Banking (1988), George Selgin offers a monetary reform proposal to go from the actual monetary system based on a monopolistic control of money to a competitive banking system (pp. 164-172). There are different reasons (economic, i …


Second Annual Sound Money Essay Contest

– December 30, 2010

Is the world economy in crisis because it lacks the fundamentals of sound money?  If you believe that sound money is the key to our recovery, tell us why.    Join Atlas’s 2nd Annual Sound Money Essay Contest and win cash prizes.  This  year’s theme is …


Getting on Track

– November 12, 2010

On Wednesday, November 10, Sound Money held a panel at annual Liberty Forum hosted by Atlas. The panel featured Judy Shelton, Sean Fieler and Steven Horwitz, with Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks acting as moderator. Perhaps it is a bit self-serving to say t …


“Toward a Free-Market Money”

– October 27, 2010

“Despite the overwhelming evidence that markets perform best when left alone by the government, it is still virtually taken for granted that one consumer product should be completely controlled by every government in the world. One product, so ubiquito …


Central Banking, Limited Purpose Banking, Free Banking…

– October 12, 2010

“But if the problem isn’t in the application of the system, but it is the system, then all efforts to reform practice will fail, and fail miserably. This is what we believe the logic of economic argument leads one to conclude about central banking and …


The Money Debate

– August 4, 2010

In the battle of ideologies, the libertarian always faces certain disadvantages. The foundation is, as the name implies, liberty. Yet there is no strict use towards which “liberty” can be put. It is a somewhat amorphous idea, and context changes its me …


The Experience of Free Banking

– July 21, 2010

“There was controversy over how much power the central bank should have and what it should try to do, but no respectable economist suggested that central banking itself was unnecessary or harmful until Hayek finally despaired of it in 1976 and began to …


“Illinois Free Banking Experience”

– July 21, 2010

“Recent studies by Rolnick and Weber (1983, 1984) have presented evidence challenging the conventional view of the Free Banking Era (1837-1863). The conventional view depicts a period of financial chaos in which lenient regulations gave rise to a pleth …