Topic: Free Banking

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?

– December 2, 2020

“Think of a world without essential third parties, including the most dangerous third party ever conceived of by man: the state and the central bank. Imagine that future and you begin to grasp the fullness of the implications of our future. Ludwig von Mises would be amazed and surprised at bitcoin. But he might also feel a sense of pride that his monetary theory of more than a century ago has been confirmed and given new life in the 21st century.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker

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Gold and Free Banking versus Central Banking

– July 27, 2020

“In the absence of government regulation and monopoly control, a free monetary and banking system would exist; it would not have to be created, designed, or supported. A market-based system would naturally emerge, take form, and develop out of the prior system of monetary central planning.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Where Have All the Coins Gone?

– July 11, 2020

“We should acknowledge the weaknesses of our current system and make improvements if possible. At a minimum, that means scrapping the penny. More fundamental reforms, like permitting competition in coinage, would be better still.” ~ William J. Luther

Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

With Argentina in Default, Economists Call for Good Faith Negotiations

– June 5, 2020

“Argentina’s economic troubles are self-imposed. They are not the fault of its creditors, who just want to be repaid as promised. Any good-faith solution to Argentina’s problems must start by recognizing the real problem: large fiscal deficits.” ~ Nicholas Cachanosky


Banking the Unbanked: Lessons from the Developing World

– February 29, 2020

Access to financial services, or “financial inclusion,” has long been recognized as a critical step towards escaping poverty. Having a bank account enables people to protect their savings, diversify risk, lower transaction costs and access credit …


Financial Services and Hate Speech

– December 17, 2019

The battle over financial deplatforming isn’t going to go away. Before we act, let’s be sure we’ve thought things over.


Don’t Say Unbanked; Say Differently Banked

– September 18, 2019

Prepaid debit cards issued by retailers like Walmart, the federal government, and banks like Green Dot and Comerica are providing unbanked Americans with a different but fully functional and cost-effective connection to the national payments system.


Rothbard’s First Impressions on Free Banking in Scotland Were Correct

– August 18, 2019

Nothing in Rothbard’s later view manages to cast doubt on his earlier view and White’s thesis, much less refute them.

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Competition Is the Path to Financial Inclusion

– July 8, 2019

Financial regulators appear to fear the creation of a few, small experimental entrants more than they fear the failure of the nation’s many, uber-risky megabanks.


Why Financial Inclusion Matters

– June 3, 2019

If members of some group feel excluded from the financial sector, regulators should allow them to form their own financial institutions and give it a go in the marketplace.


Yes, You Can Sell What You Do Not Own

– April 13, 2019

To remain consistent, opponents of so-called fractional-reserve banking have to denounce overbooking practices among airlines as well as the entire business of insurance.