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Reform the K-12 Government- School Monopoly: Economics and Facts

– September 2, 2020

“The economics and facts support the logic of freeing parents to obtain private education and alternative public education for their children. To further facilitate this decision, parents should be given vouchers and credits equal to the cost of public school in their area, which they can freely use to fund their choice of better education in the private sector.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


A Technological Revolution in Education

– August 31, 2020

“EdTech is by no means the answer to every challenge faced by educators globally, but it has the potential to make a much greater difference than we have seen in the last twenty years. The COVID pandemic is a global tragedy, but necessity is the mother of invention. As we have seen elsewhere, technology is the solution to a wide array of today’s challenges.” ~ Colin Lloyd


Deceit and Demagoguery in Montgomery County, Maryland

– August 7, 2020

“Politicians and bureaucrats who claim a right to outlaw all risks ignore the risk of tyranny. Gayles and other MoCo politicians sneer at their critics as if they were unwashed deplorables incapable of understanding ‘science.’ But their school shutdown policy is simply Political Science 101, using deceit and demagoguery to seize more power.” ~ James Bovard

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Restoring Our Troubled Academy

– July 27, 2020

” Shared governance has produced an educational and political crisis. As long as the faculty and top administrators are in charge, the academy will continue to be wasteful, self-serving, and inappropriately political. Change must come from above, where the board is supposed to be.” ~ Jay Schalin

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Don’t Close the Schools but Protect Teachers and Staff

– July 26, 2020

“This issue should not be resolved with school closures. Rather schools should do the best they can to craft tailored responses that will allow them to stay open while ensuring vulnerable individuals are accommodated. Ultimately we must do the best we can to get society back on track to normalcy as the sacrifices that have characterized our response to COVID-19 have far outweighed the benefits.” ~ Ethan Yang

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This Pandemic Is Not Homeschooling’s Moment

– July 20, 2020

“Proponents of alternative education would be wise to reflect on their praise of America’s forced experiment in ‘homeschooling.’ Because while this experience may compel some parents to keep their kids at home, there will be millions of students who return to physical schools with nothing but disenchantment with a system that may have held all their answers.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Who Should Be on Trump’s New C-19 Advisory Commission?

– July 17, 2020

“The whole country is wallowing in myth-driven panic and confusion, and the political class is doing nothing to fix that. Media certainly isn’t helping. It’s perhaps a forlorn hope that Trump himself could get smart, show a bit of humility, and press the reset button.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

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The Dangers of Keeping the Schools Closed

– July 13, 2020

“Medical experts who support school closures more generally clarify that they are a tool to be considered at the beginning of a pandemic, not seven months in. COVID-19 poses a far lesser risk to children for both death and infection. Closing schools will probably spare some schoolchildren from infection. Whether it will be enough to justify what we may have to sacrifice is another question entirely.” ~ Ethan Yang

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Save America from Cancel Culture

– July 13, 2020

“All possible effort must be made to resist and rationally respond to a “cancel culture” that would erase the history and memory of America from the minds of humankind.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling

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Return of the One Room Schoolhouse?

– July 9, 2020

“Let’s learn from history and use the failure of our political system to push education back to the local level. I know many college professors, myself included, would be thrilled just to have students whose natural love of learning hasn’t been beaten out of them by 13 years of mass public education.” ~ Robert E. Wright

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A Graduate Student’s Review of Jason Brennan’s Good Work if You Can Get It: How to Succeed in Academia

– June 21, 2020

“This book is also a beneficial read for newly minted PhD candidates to aid in their productivity skills and advisors of graduate students to learn how to best mentor, guide, and be a valuable resource to their advisees. As a current doctoral student, I recommend this book wholeheartedly.” ~ Justin T. Callais

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Thomas Sowell at 90: Understanding Race Relations Around the World

– June 16, 2020

“Now, at the age of 90, Thomas Sowell continues to offer us understanding and insight into the attitudes and institutions that can bring all people greater peace and prosperity, as well as human liberty.” ~ Richard Ebeling