Time for a New University?

– November 19, 2021

“The foreseeable ranting and naysaying among journalists and scribblers isn’t an impediment to UATX. The chief challenge for UATX, in fact, will be recruiting students.” ~ Allen Mendenhall


Everything Nancy MacLean Doesn’t Like is a Conspiracy Theory

– November 17, 2021

“It would appear that MacLean’s ideological disdain for school vouchers is so intense, so fervent, and so unwavering, that she’s willing to countenance a direct partnership with racial segregationists in the service of that cause.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


The Long History of Parents’ Rights

– November 11, 2021

“If the recent denigration of parents is a harbinger of things to come, then liberty-loving people need to make the case, once again, for the right of parents to direct their children’s education, including in public schools.” ~ Joseph Griffith


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Economics Classroom

– November 9, 2021

“Critics worry that DEI initiatives will lead to watered down, therapeutic curricula, but the DEI push is a great time for economics (and economists!) to shine in the classroom with hard-headed but soft-hearted analysis.” ~ Art Carden


Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America

– October 31, 2021

“The America of the 2020s seems to Murray uncomfortably like the America of the 1850s, with rising tensions that erupted into our terrible bloodletting in 1861. Just as the political leaders then failed to foresee the coming tragedy, so do ours today.” ~ George Leef


Parents as Domestic Terrorists: Why No One Should Be Surprised

– October 30, 2021

“All over the country, American parents and students are opting out of government schooling. These are the dissidents who will expose the lies of totalitarian education, simply by continuing to exist.” ~ Laura Williams


Let’s Save Liberal Education by Rethinking It

– October 21, 2021

“Those of us who believe there is more to life than consumption and production have a duty to explain why liberal education matters. It is a duty that is not only to ourselves but, more importantly, to our students, if we wish them to be good citizens and good people, and truly to be free.” ~ Lee Trepanier


We Need a Free Market in Legal Services

– October 6, 2021

“If we didn’t have government licensing of lawyers, what would instead emerge would be voluntary certifications that would assist consumers in finding the practitioners who have the specific knowledge for their needs.” ~ George Leef


Has America Lost Its Story?

– October 4, 2021

“A robust civic education, which seeks to impart that ‘sense of continuity with generations gone before’ of which Dos Passos spoke and begins the process of locating one’s life in a meaning larger than oneself, is an important step back from the precipice.” ~ Wilfred M. McClay


Angry about Unspent K-12 Education Funds? Support ESAs.

– September 17, 2021

“If you’re angry about these ludicrous spending bills, the time to demand another option is now, and it all starts with schools. We’re in a mess, but ESAs could help guide us out.” ~ Garion Frankel


How Activist Academia Destroyed Scholarly Peer Review

– September 4, 2021

“If these are the practices that Cambridge University Press is willing to tolerate from journals such as Contemporary European History, we may safely conclude that their ‘rigourous peer-review system’ is not so rigorous after all.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Why Almost Nobody Knows Anything about Critical Race Theory

– September 2, 2021

“If we were to dig deeper, a look at biases in human reasoning would provide us with a richer understanding of the costs of sincerely trying to understand CRT and how it is or is not appropriately used at various levels of education.” ~ James E. Hanley