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Save America from Cancel Culture

– July 13, 2020

“All possible effort must be made to resist and rationally respond to a “cancel culture” that would erase the history and memory of America from the minds of humankind.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling

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Return of the One Room Schoolhouse?

– July 9, 2020

“Let’s learn from history and use the failure of our political system to push education back to the local level. I know many college professors, myself included, would be thrilled just to have students whose natural love of learning hasn’t been beaten out of them by 13 years of mass public education.” ~ Robert E. Wright

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A Graduate Student’s Review of Jason Brennan’s Good Work if You Can Get It: How to Succeed in Academia

– June 21, 2020

“This book is also a beneficial read for newly minted PhD candidates to aid in their productivity skills and advisors of graduate students to learn how to best mentor, guide, and be a valuable resource to their advisees. As a current doctoral student, I recommend this book wholeheartedly.” ~ Justin T. Callais

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Thomas Sowell at 90: Understanding Race Relations Around the World

– June 16, 2020

“Now, at the age of 90, Thomas Sowell continues to offer us understanding and insight into the attitudes and institutions that can bring all people greater peace and prosperity, as well as human liberty.” ~ Richard Ebeling

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It Is Time To Call Shenanigans!

– June 11, 2020

“If scientists truly knew nothing about SARS-COV-2 then they should have advocated doing nothing until it was well enough understood to proffer effective policies lest they inadvertently contribute to its spread.” ~ Robert Wright


Masking Kids: Safety without Efficacy

– June 9, 2020

“It is time to look beyond the symbolic measures we are taking to protect ourselves from the virus, and to start thinking about the costs and benefits of schools reopening more realistically. Come fall, schools should be open without any extreme social distancing measures in place.” Michael Thomas and Diana Thomas


Why Did They Close the Schools?

– June 8, 2020

“On March 12, 2020, a banshee-like cry went out to an email list of public health professionals and government officials who were then in a state of mental meltdown. Pull the trigger now, screamed the memo. Close the schools.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

Nation of True Believers

A Nation of True Believers

– June 4, 2020

“Lots of Americans are also frustrated. Their putative leaders have infantilized them through decades of paternalistic laws that try to micromanage their lives. It is beginning to dawn on them that election results are unlikely to change anything under our duopolistic, or revolving monopolistic, political system.” ~ Robert Wright

Question the Mask Mandates

Question the Mask Mandates, for Reasons of Science

– June 3, 2020

“CDC guidelines regarding the use of cloth masks have seen a complete 180-degree inversion over the last two months. With rapid changes like this we see the human side of science, we see the social and political aspects of the scientific process.” ~ Diana W. Thomas and Michael D. Thomas

As Trust Withers, So Will Humanity’s Progress

As Trust Withers, So Will Humanity’s Progress

– May 30, 2020

“Government is tearing asunder a network of human relationships, a network of exchange fueled by love and trust. For the sake of humanity, by our choices, we must put it back together by our uncoerced and mutual regard for people.” ~ Barry Brownstein

The World Health Organization Was Against Quarantines Only Last Year

The World Health Organization Was Against Quarantines Only Last Year

– May 28, 2020

“The real problem is epistemic: who is to decide what is normal, mild, moderate, or severe pandemic? Leave that decision to politicians and bureaucrats, and you have a problem. They do not know, and, as we’ve seen, immediately adopt the most extreme measures and go beyond them.” ~ Edward Peter Stringham


The Intellectual Harm of Safe Spaces

– May 20, 2020

Colleges and universities (and, increasingly, high schools) are prescribing exactly the wrong kind of treatment for students confronted with ideas they don’t like.