Topic: Education

Why Is Government Abusing the Children?

– April 30, 2021

“A snow or hurricane day here and there provides students with a treat, but a Covid-Zoom year is just plain child abuse (and taxpayer abuse). So push back on government-owned education and government-regulated childcare, if not for yourselves then for the children, the poor, defenseless, masked, emotionally and physically damaged future leaders of our country.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The Department of Education Does Not Deserve A Raise

– April 26, 2021

“Simply tossing more money into the public education bureaucracy will not make things better. In fact it will be rewarding the very people who have orchestrated the mess that we are in today. After everything that has been done to American students, there should be a bipartisan consensus that without bold structural reform every new tax dollar given to the American public education system is a drastic moral failure.” ~ Ethan Yang


Science Is More Complex than Advertised

– April 8, 2021

“The perpetuation of the myth of ‘The Scientific Method’ encourages the pretense that we understand science. More to the point, it encourages the false notion that, because we understand science so well, we can always rely on the implications of a thing called ‘The Science’ as the fount of all political wisdom.” ~ Scott Scheall


Welcome to Word Tyranny and Cultural Balkanization

– March 15, 2021

“Before this new era of postmodern identity politics, that is; in the prior ‘modern’ Age of Enlightenment, when human beings foolishly believed in reason, evidence, and individual liberty, all of what is being insisted upon now used to be known as tyranny and criticized as dictatorship. How very silly of many of us to presume that each of us was a unique and distinct ‘I’ separate from an imposed ‘We.’ Well, we all live and learn.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


The Brutalization of College Students During Lockdowns

– March 12, 2021

“Long before Covid-19, many of higher ed’s business operations could be characterized as a self-serving job security program for administrators and faculty, fueled by the tuition payments of students who had little say in the product they received and, more broadly, the taxpayers who sustain their operations. With little surprise, the pandemic has exposed and intensified these faults.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & Jack Nicastro


The Maoist Roots of Social Justice in Higher Education

– March 3, 2021

“Those who actually want to make efforts to forward amiable goals like diversity, equity, and inclusion should distance themselves from radical far-left doctrines in favor of one that does not seek political domination while using minorities as a wedge. If that cannot be done, it would be understandable for demands for social justice to be thoroughly rejected by those who wish to preserve the integrity of higher education.” ~ Ethan Yang


Forgiving Student Loans: Not The Great Idea You Think It Is

– March 1, 2021

“Like Bryan Caplan, I love learning so much I decided never to leave school. I live for the lightbulb moments students have when they realize what economists mean by ‘at the margin’ or when they start using and applying the concepts we cover in class. Economically speaking, those are private benefits, however, and the case for sticking taxpayers with the bill is shaky indeed.” ~ Art Carden


Dear Students: Here Are Ten Ways To Get Your Financial House In Order

– February 28, 2021

“You might think you’re saving money when you’re not. Unless you really enjoy cooking, you should probably have a meal plan and devote the time and energy you save on shopping and meal prep to studying. Look at the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook for the job you want, look at the hourly wage, and use that as a proxy for what your time is worth right now.” ~ Art Carden


Government Schools: More Bureaucracy, Lower Performance, and Higher Costs

– February 18, 2021

“We got more teachers with all that money, but the main outcome was a massive expansion in the number of education administrators and other bureaucrats.” ~ Daniel J. Mitchell


The Teachers Unions are Keeping the Schools Closed

– December 17, 2020

“At this point, confusion or debate over school openings is completely unfounded. We knew of the extremely low risk of Covid-19 for children in April.” ~ Amelia Janaskie


Cheers for College Football’s Victory over Covid-19 Fear

– December 17, 2020

“The 2020 college football season reminds us of truths that too many Americans have forgotten in the long months since March: Sports and other “nonessential” activities make life richer and better; a person or a society can be alive and not really be living; sheltering in place until a governor or scientist gives an “all clear” is the very opposite of America’s promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;” and living, like college football in many ways, is intertwined with contact, connection, community, culture and commerce.” ~ Alan W. Dowd


End the ABA’s Accreditation Power

– December 15, 2020

“Society writ large would benefit if the ABA lost the authority to accredit law schools. If only there were a politician willing to take the lead on this issue.” ~ Allen Mendenhall