Topic: Economic Theory

Monetarism Remains a Useful Guide on Inflation

– July 12, 2022

“If the Federal Reserve raises interest rates too quickly, sharply declining M2 growth will signal the risk of recession. Monitoring M2 growth can help in making sure the Fed tightens monetary policy at the appropriate pace, not too fast and not too slow.” ~ Peter N. Ireland


Inflation and Relative Prices

– July 12, 2022

“Although inflation is often classified as a macroeconomic topic, it is clear that a firm understanding of price theory is necessary to work out all of the costs associated with inflation.” ~ Joshua R. Hendrickson


Why Studying Economics Requires Curiosity

– July 11, 2022

“Studying economics requires curiosity because economics is about providing answers to social mysteries, not about condemning or praising social interaction. To make this point is to suggest that curiosity’s close intellectual cousin—humility—is also crucial to the economist’s task.” ~ Caleb S. Fuller


Adam Smith’s Synergistic Moral Authorizations

– June 24, 2022

“Smith teaches how we do our part in serving the good of the whole; how in focusing diligently on the good of our part we serve that of the whole; and how freedom fortifies the remarkable correspondence between those two goods.” ~ Erik Matson


The Value of High Costs

– June 2, 2022

“As the late Nobel-laureate economist James Buchanan explained in his 1969 book, Cost and Choice, cost is the barrier to choice. Cost is the benefit that a chooser believes he or she sacrifices whenever he or she makes a choice.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


In the Beginning: The Mont Pelerin Society, 1947

– May 29, 2022

“The transcripts of the first meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society provide an extremely valuable and useful record for understanding the beginnings of the post–World War II movement to reestablish a meaningful market liberalism.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Should the Fed Devalue Our Currency to Implement Negative Interest Rates?

– May 17, 2022

“Where Agarwal and Kimball comment that the zero lower bound ‘is not a law of nature, but a policy choice,’ I suggest that the same is true about the need to fight an excess demand for money by cutting an interest rate instrument or target.” ~ Lawrence H. White


Suffering from Sunk Costs

– April 13, 2022

“Understanding how to understand and apply sunk costs is important in many ways. And one of those ways is to recognize that when we make a mistake in such efforts, we can’t retroactively fix those mistakes, but we can use them to learn better.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Nudge Off, Paternalists!

– April 5, 2022

“Americans don’t want bureaucrats, as flawed in the head as anyone else, to try to protect them from themselves. Heal thyself, O regulators! Get back to us when you no longer suffer from debilitating cognitive biases yourselves.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Nirvana and the Theory of the Firm

– December 20, 2021

“Over and over, people, including many economists, have misunderstood issues such as these when evaluating real world firms through the combination of simplifying assumptions that make real issues disappear and a failure to apply the self-interest test.” ~ Gary M. Galles


How Hayek Can Transform Our Ingratitude into Gratitude

– November 25, 2021

“Understanding Hayek transforms our thinking into a rich appreciation of how individuals cooperate and bring forth the miracles of the modern economy. With the opening of eyes long closed, our ingratitude becomes gratitude.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Mises’s Regression Theorem, Bitcoin, and Subjective Value Theory

– November 14, 2021

“If value is subjective, and if a medium of exchange is a good like any other, then how can we say that a good could not first be valued by some person somewhere as a medium of exchange rather than for some other purpose beforehand?” ~ Emile Phaneuf III