World of Warcraft’s Corrupted Blood Outbreak is Not a Model for COVID-19

– May 28, 2020

“The World of Warcraft Corrupted Blood outbreak (2005) is only an accurate simulation of how fantasy game players respond to a virtual epidemic.”~Peter C. Earle


The Thin Green Line

– May 28, 2020

“The Fed has again taken unprecedented action to respond to a crisis. Unfortunately, it has gone further towards erasing the separating monetary and fiscal policy, to the detriment of both.” ~ Scott Burns


Wait, So We Now Can’t Say ‘Human Capital’?

– May 27, 2020

“How a casual reference to a common and widespread conceptual tool from economics can be contorted into a conspiratorial design for malice by persons who present themselves as intellectual elites but lack familiarity with the subjects of their frenzied imaginations.” ~ Phil Magness


Resistance Isn’t Futile, It is Necessary

– May 26, 2020

“Resistance is a necessary part of democratic self-governance, and it becomes even more so at a time when all the calls are for increased centralization and the voices of the technocratic elite grow louder and stronger in insisting that such resistance is futile.” ~ Peter Boettke


The Guns of August: A Look Back at the Financial Shock of the Great War

– May 24, 2020

“Many of the extraordinary policies we see governments wielding right now are not as unprecedented as some commentators may think.” ~ Joakim Book


Visualizations are Powerful, But Often Misleading

– May 23, 2020

“To make improper transformation of data can lead observers of data to incorrect conclusions. The data must be allowed to speak without being distorted.” ~ James Caton


Good Riddance to “Basic Life Skills”

– May 22, 2020

“We are able to lead fuller and richer lives thanks to the global division of labor, and the “basic” life skills about which so many people fret are, it turns out, not so basic after all.” ~ Art Carden


The Remarkable Blessings of the Price System

– May 18, 2020

The overall arrangement of resource use is not and could never be comprehended by any individual or by any committee. That what we notice of this system are its imperfections testifies to just how well and smoothly – indeed, how magnificently – it routinely performs.


We Are All Going To Die, and There’s Insurance for That

– May 12, 2020

All that prevents the formation of life-affirming private institutions like that described herein are regulations and taxes. Remove those impediments and watch free human beings flourish, even when faced by novel viruses, murder hornets, and much worse, until death inevitably overtakes them.


The Economic Fundamentals of Jobs

– May 11, 2020

The only answer, as always, is to end the lockdowns as soon as possible so that businesses can resume with market-disciplined investors and the marketplace itself guiding their decisions.


Imperial College Model Applied to Sweden Yields Preposterous Results

– April 30, 2020

What this finding tells us about the ICL projections for the United States and United Kingdom will require additional data and code transparency from Ferguson and the rest of the original model’s architects. But the Swedish adaptation paints an underwhelming picture of its predictive ability.


How Fanatics Hack Our Minds (And Why We Let Them)

– April 25, 2020

When we choose to see beyond the “we have no choice” mindset, limitless solutions will begin to come into view. The future of America depends, not upon bailouts or a fast-tracked vaccine, but upon individuals choosing to recover their senses.