The PFAS Packaging Predicament: McDonald’s Isn’t Loving It

– May 5, 2022

“Experimentation is necessary for firms to advance their offerings, which can lead to an improved society. Consumers should be wary of using the power of the courts rather than the power of their purse to influence business practices.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Are EUAs Deregulation or Regulatory Capture?

– May 4, 2022

“As the pandemic ends, there are plenty of frustrating examples of what went wrong. Let’s hope deregulation is remembered as an example of what went right.” ~ Raymond J. March


Adele Spitzeder, the Queen of Confidence Tricksters

– May 2, 2022

“Adele Spitzeder (1832-1895) was active in Bavaria from 1869 to 1872. She founded and operated the Dachauer Bank, which may have been the first Ponzi scheme in history.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Can Capitalism Survive? 80 Years After Schumpeter’s Answer

– May 1, 2022

“Our task is to do all in our power and ability to revive an understanding of and inspire a desire to preserve, restore, and extend the ideal and practice of the truly free society.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Political Paternalism, Not Free Markets, Cause Economic Shocks

– April 29, 2022

“What we are suffering from is not a crisis of ‘capitalism,’ or free markets, or ‘neoliberalism.’ We are facing the consequences of the interventionist and regulatory state.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Tolstoy, Smith, and the Perils of Loneliness

– April 29, 2022

“What ultimately renders Smith’s discussion of the social passions so necessary today is his deep respect for their inherent dignity—our need to love and be loved does not flow from anything else.” ~ Richard Gunderman


The Possibilities Inspire: A Review of ‘Check Your Financial Privilege’

– April 28, 2022

“Across the world, Gladstein’s investigative journalism shows how Bitcoin is a tool for individuals and communities to protect their wealth and promote their well-being in the face of repressive regimes. It is a sobering perspective” ~ David Waugh


Asymmetric Average Inflation Targeting and Expectations

– April 27, 2022

“A conventional average inflation target would have anchored expectations and reduced the inflation risk of long-term contracting, promoting economic growth in the process. An asymmetric average inflation target falls far short of that goal.” ~ William J. Luther


Boosting Black Fortunes

– April 26, 2022

“This brief primer does an excellent job of reminding us that economic freedom benefits the poor and marginalized the most, and that minorities can be progressing economically in spite of the tasteless rhetoric of our political class.” ~ Rachel Ferguson


Supply Disturbances Do Not Explain High Inflation

– April 25, 2022

“Unfortunately for the administration, their politically-convenient supply-side stories explain far too little. Today’s inflation is primarily the result of excessive nominal spending, which the Fed could have and should have offset.” ~ William J. Luther


Mandate Drift at the Fed Is Par for the Course

– April 24, 2022

“We must decide, so long as we have a central bank, what we want it to do. The best feasible reforms tighten the Fed’s leash. A constrained Fed is a competent Fed. A drifting Fed is a danger to the public.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Learning Street Corner Economics in London

– April 23, 2022

“An overseas experience affords plenty of ways to put the tools and principles of economics students have been taught to work, perhaps the best way to real mastery of ‘street-corner economics.’” ~ Gary M. Galles