Topic: Economic Education

A Return to the Gold Standard? – Richard Ebeling

– November 11, 2010

“Monetary central planning has worked no better than any other form of central planning over the last one hundred years. The world’s central bankers – just like the central planners in the old Soviet Union – just do not have the knowledge, wisdom and a …


The World’s Most Profitable Company

– November 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L, no. 11 | November, 2010 The Fed’s profits from interest on its holdings soared after 2007. But so did the risks from its purchases of toxic assets. Its accounting methods understate these risks.  


Investing in Gold

– September 2, 2010

If you want to invest in gold, there are a variety of ways to do so. Here we sort out the pros and cons of each.


Is There a Government Bond Bubble?

– August 25, 2010

“YES, there is a government bond bubble. And it’s huge. Uncle Sam and his counterparts in the EU and Japan are broke and are, almost surely, going to print vast quantities of money to cover their enormous spending obligations. The printing presses are …


“A Monetary Policy Simulation Game”

– June 11, 2010

The author presents a computer game that puts the player in the role of a central bank governor. The game is a stochastic simulation of a standard reduced form macro model, and the user interacts with this simulation by manipulating the interest rate.


How to Invest Wisely

– June 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L No. 6 | June, 2010 How to Invest Wisely tells you how to make investment decisions according to consistent criteria— rather than by following the latest financial fad. By Lawrence S. Pratt


“Calculating the Candy Price Index”

– May 13, 2010

“In this classroom experiment, students develop a price index based on candy-purchasing decisions made by members of their class. They use their index to practice calculationg inflation rates and to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the consumer …


“Euro Under Pressure As Greek Bonds Slump”

– April 21, 2010

“The euro is slumping against the dollar Wednesday morning as Greek bond prices tumble and their yields surge higher against their German counterparts. The dollar is split against other major currencies, with little change against the yen, a retreat ag …


Inflation-Proof Treasury Bonds

– July 16, 2009

Research Reports – 07/20/2009 Inflation-Proof Treasury Bonds Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) solve an investor’s dilemma: How to buy low-risk government bonds that lock in a predictable real rate of return. by Philip R. Murray Ask the Ex …


A Persistent Delusion

– December 1, 2008

Research Reports – 12/01/2008 Article 1: A Persistent Delusion Recent Wall Street developments seem to underscore the apparently growing distance between economic/financial fundamentals—including business-cycle conditions and corporate performance—and …


A Persistent Delusion

– November 19, 2008

Economic Education Bulletin – 09/1962  


Is Social Justice Just?

– October 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 10 | October, 2008 There is a tension between traditional justice and the modern concept of social justice. At issue are the basic values of civil society, including the notion of free will and the idea of individual r …