Americans Are Late on Car Payments. Is the Government to Blame?

– February 27, 2019

A record 7 million Americans are now behind on their auto-loan payments. But as auto loans have surged by nearly 35 percent since 2008, one might wonder if the government has a hand in this new crisis.


Sen. Alexander’s Solution to the Student-Loan Crisis Misses the Point

– February 22, 2019

With 40 percent of student-loan borrowers expected to default by 2023, this proposal may appeal to many in the federal government. But when a crisis such as this is born out of artificial demand for college education, which inflates the cost of pursuing a degree, wouldn’t this purported solution add more fuel to the fire?


Drone Startups Work Around the Clock to Make the World a Better Place

– February 22, 2019

Drone technology has a lot of untapped potential. Unfortunately, most Americans might only know about the unmanned aerial vehicles thanks to the U.S. government and its unconstitutional drone war.


These Regulations Are Making Truckers Less Safe — and Your Amazon Prime Membership More Costly

– February 19, 2019

Truckers involved in the “slow roll” protest argue that the regulations in question decrease how much time they can drive per day. And as the nation faces a shortage of truck drivers, retailers are more pressed than ever to find efficient ways to get their goods delivered fast.


#FightFor15 N.Y. Fast-Food Workers: We’re Being Unfairly Fired

– February 19, 2019

According to a recent New York Times piece, workers who supported and helped to push for the minimum wage increase in New York City are now being fired — and for unfair reasons, they claim. But how could anyone call these firings unfair when employers are being forced to raise everybody’s wage?


Americans Are Ditching Public Transit Thanks to Capitalism

– February 17, 2019

Americans don’t like public transit, and you can’t blame them. Inconvenience, ineffectiveness, and sluggishness are some of the main issues they often complain about when explaining why they aren’t taking the bus or riding the metro these days.


AOC Thinks Standing in Line Is Undignified Work, But She’s Wrong

– February 14, 2019

Unfortunately, it didn’t cross the privileged lawmaker’s mind that, perhaps, this type of exchange is beneficial to those in line. After all, they accepted to stand in for a lobbyist in exchange for money whereas they could be outside in the cold otherwise, making no money or having to beg for change.


Uber Eats Set to Beat GrubHub, but Will Washington Let It?

– February 13, 2019

And as Uber Eats becomes one of the strongest players in the industry, despite its origin as a ride-sharing app, it’s become even clearer that when there’s a need, the market will find a way to make it possible. And it’s the customer who benefits as a result.


Consumers Can’t Wait for Amazon to Get Into Cryptocurrency, Legal Weed

– February 11, 2019

The site learned that of the 1,013 Amazon users it polled, 36.7 percent said they would be comfortable purchasing Amazon-branded prescription drugs while 16 percent said they would use a virtual doctor-visit service from Amazon.


Fast Fashion on Its Last Legs — Thank Millennials

– February 11, 2019

As millennials struggle to put their money to work, still dreaming of owning homes but not being able to, they find it difficult to prioritize anything that won’t offer them real value in the long run. As expected, fast fashion is one of the first items to fall to the bottom of their list of wishes.


Millennials Are Killing the Funeral Industry With Help From the State

– January 30, 2019

Millennials, it seems, are killing yet another industry. Considering the new “victim” is the funeral home market, one can’t help but wonder if that’s not a positive change. Still, there’s a lot more to this sped-up “death” than meets the eye, especially if you look at how powerful the funeral lobby has been in the past.


Netflix May Not Worry About the Competition, but Consumers Reap the Benefits Anyway

– January 28, 2019

Netflix may have started as a modest streaming service, giving viewers the opportunity to consume entertainment that only large TV and Hollywood studios could produce. But as consumers started ditching traditional cable packages for internet streaming, Netflix became a giant in its own right, producing big entertainment for all segments of the population.